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Battalion of newspaper of money of the 3rd season receives WD to grow 50 % to b
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DoSTOR memory is online will report on May 16 - WD western data announced his in Beijing yesterday afternoon finance affairs of season of the 3rd money reports: Battalion closes to grow 50 % compared to the same period, hard disk income 2.022 billion, medium and dish a sales revenue 89 million; Hard disk grows 43 % compared to the same period, shipment volume is 34.5 million about, grow 41 % compared to the same period; Net income 280 million, every net income 1.23 dollars, grow 132 % compared to the same period.

Additional, WD of this money season repaid the debt of 260 million dollar (basically bought with billion dollar last year because of WD dish the place when KOMAG owes a firm) , counter-purchase share of 44 million dollar. According to vice-president of sale of WD Asia-Pacific division Cai Yaoxiang says, the reason that counter-purchases a stock is: A value at that time fail value of favorable report company, he still discloses: WD plan will be in henceforth inside 5 years redemptive 500 million equity. And the 1T hard disk that WD still plans next month to roll out odd dish 330G, basically carry application in the light of shadow pitch.

Express according to WD, monitoring market, fashionable the business emphasis that the blame convention market such as kind of consumptive level market will be WD, many monitoring manufacturer already passed WD attestation; Hard disk of My Passport Portable USB added 10 kinds of color newly also, WD hopes can firmly is occupational these market " walk out of ZhongGuanCun " , and had begun conduct propaganda spreads out on media of blame tradition IT.

Cai Yaoxiang expresses, be not traditional market is the fractionize market with WD business the rapiddest growth, also will be WD future advocate make the market, the profit of last quarterly WD basically also is from now on kind the market is gotten, because WD is very much the market that the product is having 4 months to control is banner, this market competes and market of unlike tradition DIY is so intense. For instance hard disk of GP series environmental protection, passport2.5 very little hard disk has good profit. According to Introduction Cai Yaoxiang, passport has held the market share of about 50 % in the United States.

WD still reviewed recent product to release with media wait for a circumstance: WD is in in succession desktop class, company level and the AV series hard disk that design to how prevent the market only applied GP (GreenPower) environmental protection is energy-saving technology. Will be based on the WD Caviar Seq16 640G on technology of 320G of WD odd dish on March 19 roll out added a to shine for hard disk industry beautiful scenery. And go up what the month announces the quantity is produced is special the super hard disk that for game player and professional workstation make meticulously- - WD VelociRaptor, as the high-powered Wang Zhe of new generation, on its the fundamental admiral capacity of generation product Raptor promoted one times, function promoted 35% .
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