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DFT company shows itself to be seleted administration to purchase a system again
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DoSTOR memory is online will report on May 15- - 2007 year DFT is seleted afterwards successfully first after administration purchases a system, the technical experience that DFT abounds by right of its, perfect after service system and excellent product quality, in the course administration purchases a center after the strict examine and verify of 2007 year and product quality guard a pass, DFT stores show itself in the company in hundreds of again, become administration to purchase a center supplier of agreement of 2008 year memory.

Government of central state office purchases a center to be cogent the invite public bidding that has made second item purchases the job, to ensure place picks the tone of the product, invite public bidding just acts on the principle of just fairness, all special organization expert is right offerring the equipment of money firm pledges from the product quantity, before the level of successful case, solution raised approximate and slashing requirement. The each technology parameter that contest prize enterprise offers needs to be discussed through the expert's collective, discuss finally by relevant section and expert collective affirmatory. Purchase a center to set out from the effective demand that purchases a person, on in-depth survey and the base that seek an opinion extensively, reasonable expanded this period the items range that the agreement offers money, the appeal that enhanced an agreement to offer money and emulative; Refined evaluation index further, make evaluation idea more scientific and reasonable; Implement concerned policy of the country strictly, developed the policy function that the government purchases actively. The success of DFT is seleted finished 2008 year to advance politics a when the government purchases an item main job, at the same time DFT will continue to increase the strength that supports governmental industry, offer high grade, professional memory product and solution for this industry user.

In March 2008, government of central state office purchased a center to fulfil central state office satisfactorily the invite public bidding that the government purchased the product agreement such as the computer to offer goods item centrally 2008 purchases the job. This project cent is 44 packets, involve 189 kinds of products such as product of the computer, server, memory, in all 242 bid goods produces manufacturer or its precatory the superlative degree fastens total representative to participate in bid, bid product total 9162, win the bid product 6490. Among them of DFT high capacity in low series of upright product DFTraid, high reliability, high-powered in series of high-end product ES, and the 4Gb with banner technology is pure series of fiber-optic high-end product GS also wins the bid in the with one action in be seleted this.

To at present till, science and technology of Xinjiang Urumqi navigate purchases next odd DFTraid 2012i in the system already successfully from administration memory product. DFT believes this action will be 2008 the beginning of brilliant success, and still can be " with the person this, it is the center, management concept that is oriented " with the market with the client by only then to eventually perforative go down, the memory product that satisfies their requirement and solution can be offerred for more users in prospective day. At the same time DFT is approbated again in what got administration purchases a center hind, the carry out that will spread out henceforth for DFT undoubtedly sold the job to lay firm foundation, strengthened solid confidence for the 3rd collaboration that collects with center, DFT expects the 3rd times of 2009 year to be seleted.
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