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2008 Fuji connect grand opening of international forum Tokyo to quicken domain i
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DoSTOR memory is online will report on May 14- - 2008 Fuji connect international forum to open at be in center of conference of Japanese Tokyo international now. This 2008 Fuji connect international forum to quicken domain innovation with " , more " of joint client demand for service gives priority to a problem, by a definite date 3 days, will end at 16 days. With the whole world with the celebrated IBM" of " Japan the 3rd big IT serves a supplier, the top technology that what gives to make a person gasp in admiration will present for global IT domain again this year? In gather on the seminar of leader of industry of world each district, can you burst forth again a trend of industry of IT of what influence future and the new point of view that the technology innovates and new thinking? 2008 Fuji connect international forum to showing the new power that urges IT domain innovation for the world right now.

Include the current forum that about 110 84 seminars, most advanced products and solution exhibit, the work that uses the IT that introductory " gives priority to with the person innovation of the domain below " concept alive uses setting and practice case, and all sorts of advanced techniques that prop up these IT to be used alive. In the meantime, still will be aimed at the solution of a lot of task that current business place faces and product showpiece. These tasks include to come according to client demand the optimization IT of compositive and sophisticated technology infrastructure, emphasize the interior management zephyr with honour abide by the law chapter managing nearly, and reduce the content such as environmental bear.

The global client congress of amid (Global Guest Program) go up, guest attending the meeting still will share Fujitsu (Fuji is connected) business concept and management guiding principle, understand Fujitsu (Fuji is connected) viewpoint of value and the road that " domain innovates " . This includes to be able to bring what new commerce value for the client not only among them, still involve IT innovation what to can bring to drive for global environmental protection wait for a topic. Nowadays, the acceleration of IT process develops to bring a change in the lifestyle that is business domain, social activity and people ceaselessly. Fujitsu (Fuji is connected) the " domain that put forward innovates " , it is one aims compositive with the new idea that optimizes " of flow of " personnel " , " and "IT" . Fujitsu (Fuji is connected) rich gentleman will be global president Hei Chuanzhao at this point guest tries to be elaborated in detail.

Meanwhile, more than 2000 of smooth rice exhibit an area Fujitsu (Fuji is connected) lead product and solution appear was in before on 10 thousand guest. Include among them:

[1. Domain of client forward position]

Introductory RFID, mobile technology, network serves (NGN/WiMAX) the application that waits for core technology; The spot is visible technical application; The solution that supports a service to wait for a series of business activities to bring a technology to innovate for activity of shop, office, sale, technology.
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