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HP and EDS company announce 100 million dollars of HP139 buy EDS formally
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DoSTOR memory is online will report on May 14- - HP and EDS company announce today, both sides had signed a formal agreement, HP general the price with every 25 dollars, or total value restrains 13.9 billion dollar, buy EDS company. This trades the accord that the clause had gotten HP and EDS board of directors agrees.

This trades predict will 2008 second half of the year is finished, the income that will make HP serves turns over times, 2007 money year, the income tot that HP serves 16.6 billion dollar. The 2007 money up to two companies year end, total business income exceeded the service business of HP and EDS 38 billion dollar, have 210 thousand stuff in all, scope of business expands in the whole world 80 many countries are mixed area.

HP plans to establish a new business group, it is a brand with "HP company EDS" , headquarters is in EDS present be located in Texas Pu Lainuo. In trade after the end, HP plan is mixed by chairman of EDS company board of directors, president CEO Ronald A. Rittenmeyer continues to lead EDS, in the meantime, he also will join HP high level to run a group, direct report gives HP board of directors chairman and CEO Mark Hurd.

HP predicts, buy this plan into 2009 money year in be not GAAP income, and plan enter 2010 money year in GAAP income. Buy this will make HP has distinct competitive advantage. Mark Hurd says: "Of HP and EDS amalgamative, generation IT of a whole world serves the leader of the domain. After incorporating, we will become a more powerful business associate, to client consign industry the most extensive, the product that provides competition ability most and service. Client of our " help manages this will comprehensive aggrandizement and change their technology in order to win much better the acceptance of business result " . Client of our " help manages this will comprehensive aggrandizement and change their technology in order to win much better the acceptance of business result " ..

Rittenmeyer says: "The most important is, to our partner, this is trade greatly, this traded to promote our stock the price greatly, created very great value for partner. It is same benefit and our client, as a result of us of company of two whole worlds amalgamative and the concentration of our personnel skill, our aux will be able to promotes innovation in numerous industry, provide appreciation service for the client. To the buys the " that before making HP is finished, has announced to enhance service business " established end of EDS. The service content that the company after incorporating provides is: One, the bag outside IT, include: Data center service, yard place service, network and safety serve, 2, the bag outside business flow, include to diagnose with monitor, the bag outside financial processing, CRM and human affairs, 3, the bag outside application, include to use modernization of deploy, application and applied government; 4, seek advice and compositive, 5, the technology serves. This incorporates will make we are in how to sanitation of government, medical treatment, make, industry of financial service, the sources of energy, traffic, telegraphic, consumption and retail the user that waits for an industry offers IT to serve plan respect to gain more extensive experience. Offer
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