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The person that data of hard disk of Asia of 3 high levels restores the navigate
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In last few years, chinese data restores an industry to be in high speed to develop level all the time. But, to average user, mention data restores still is very unfamiliar. The important data that brings about as a result of hard disk breakdown is missing happen from time to tome, business client is facing huge loss, because this business client is right,number grows day and day according to restored demand. How choose a major, the data with good reputation restores a company to serve as a supplier, the choice that is a difficulty that a lot of business clients face is inscribed.
Headquarters is located in Beijing ZhongGuanCun amount to think of data to restored a company to raise 3 high levels first, make we shine at the moment. And need us to taste ancient bronze mirror slowly to the understanding of 3 high levels. Of 3 high levels put forward, to numerous transnational corporation, this cannot say is not a good news.

Amount to think of data to restore a brand

Amount to when thinking of data rehabilitate center to mention 3 high levels, analysed the essence that data restores deep. Amount to think of think, the core essence that data restores can generalize with 6 words: Technology, safe, service. Appearing these 6 words, our OK and direct understanding data rehabilitates the substaintial property of the industry. Amount to think of those who be in a company to managed concept respect to make painstaking work and program really.
One tall, gao Shui follows technical standard:
The characteristic that data restores is technical content tall, only data was restored by the success, ability reflects the value that data restores, because this data regains technical level,be the important parameter of the comprehensive strength that reacts data restores a company.
Amount to think of data to restore to have RAID data to restore center of research and development of technology of hard disk of level of company of technical research center, SCSI/SAS, electron to store lab, light stores data of lab, UNIX/LINUX restores a technology to study a group at present. In May 2008, amount to thought of center of research and development to be released successfully western data WD magnetic head matchs model technology; Data of open quotation of SamSung hard disk restores a technology; Technology of rehabilitate of firmware of SAS hard disk; SCSI hard disk many dishes of scientific research achievement such as a transplanting tool.
On April 10, 2008, amount to think of data to restore chief engineer Mr Zhou Zhiwen on invitation far go to Japan, for Japan the biggest data restores a company to undertake high-end data restores a technology to groom.
On May 12, 2008, amount to think of data to restore chief engineer Zhou Zhiwen on invitation far go to Australia, for Australia famous number undertakes according to restoring a company high-end data restores a technology to groom.
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