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Arena wins award of optimal choice of 2008 Taipei COMPUTEX TAIPEI
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DoSTOR memory is online- - the Computex computer that kicked off in Taipei on June 4, 2008 is exhibited on, major of type disk array receives to produce manufacturer outside the whole world - the product of array of disk of double controller of a FC-SAS that Europe Hua Inc. released recently: The " of award of "2008 optimal choice that Arena SS-8801R has the honor to win this exhibition.

(the picture is exhibited for Computex Taipei computer on, the part obtains product of optimal choice award to reveal the spot to pursue)

Award of optimal 2008 choice opens all ginseng to postpone business, arena SS-8801R shows itself from inside the 400 many products that 200 many ginseng exhibit business, the technical flourish that depends on the performance with exceedingly good and steady oneself and innovation this special honour.

Arena SS-8801R is 4 Gb/s FC- SAS 4U 24 dish an array of frame type disk, provided true double Active-Active redundant controller, the high reliability that array of Arena SS-8801R disk shares besides all inheritance Arena products, high-powered, low cost and friendly user management outside the advantage such as the interface, still offerred high speed to transmit bandwidth, to end in end RAID5 configuration falls, it can come true read rate:

Arena SS-8801R row first place

1080MBps and keep rate: 720MBps, IOPS is more than 45000, its used the 2nd acting memory to develop platform OSAP, special for nowadays and future tall I/O data transmits a requirement, complex client application requirement and tall bandwidth function apply and design. But a expansibility also is Arena SS-8801R main character, it deserves to have two SAS patulous port, can join 3 16 SA-6692 JBOD of 3.5 inches of hard disk undertake expanding. SS-8801R reachs his patulous ark all compatible support SAS and SATA hard disk, the user can be built according to oneself demand statified memory application - high-powered SAS hard disk, will apply as crucial task, and the SATA hard disk that has low cost effectiveness, can be used as close line backup.

Window of Arena SS-8801R product:

Be based on the IOP 341 design with high-powered Intel, offer interface of lead plane of two 4G FC and two 3G SAS patulous port
Exterior of 4U frame type, can receive hard disk of 24 SAS/SATA high capacity, can receive 3 JBOD at most, the largest support (RAID JBOD) 120 hard disk
Structure of double Active-active redundant controller, after choice sheet receives a controller, also can upgrade again first for double controller, combine function of Fail-over / Fail-back without seam
Support overall RAID level: 0, 1, 3, 5, 6, 10, 30, 50, 60, NRAID, besides JBOD, OK and online upgrade F/W, in group of same hard disk, can use different Stripe Size to set a variety of different RAID level respectively
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