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Double drive of technology and market alls alone the Buddhist nun stores 2007 ye
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According to IDC statistic, 2006, the whole world is made and duplicate the data that give is as high as 161 billion GB- - these data are 3 million times what the whole world has the data in all books about. And, this kind of growth still grows in intensity: IDC report shows, to 2010, above number will jump 6 times, amount to 988 billion GB, year compound increase rate is 57 % . Apparent, all enterprises are enjoying IT to come to them while productivity promotes, will must face a long-term challenge: How compose builds his most appropriate storage system.
The explosion of data lets memory become to last popular industry, not only Sony, EMC, IBM, be in with the memory tycoon such as HP this spade husbandry, and a few new face add this party job ceaselessly. Face an user to upgrade ceaselessly the demand with individuation, and intense market competes, suo Ni memory innovates with the technology ceaselessly and understand to the profundity of user, market, upgrade continuously and optimize product line, lead an industry development thereby, bring user first-rate memory experience. And the market also uses outstanding achievement redound Suo Ni stores- - arrive from 1996 2007, volume of shipment of driver of Suo Ni AIT is achieved 700, 000.

The technology innovates: Lead memory new trend

Face an enterprise to wait for the pressure that the respect grows day and day in management of lifecycle of data capacity, security, information, suo Ni memory innovates ceaselessly on the technology, help enterprise answers memory to challenge leisurely, lead the development of memory industry tide and trend. Mere from implementation capacity times add, more the the Five Dynasties of AIT with managing environmental protection in the product, included a series of original innovate with great skill.

Patent MIC technology. Traditional tape technology keeps the number of the file on tape, read these sign when need searchs a certain file next. Search one by one so, search speed got restrict. And internal storage of tape of patent technology MIC(= ) will search a file, because MIC stores chip is of tape box,shine put unit, be used as tape log completely, do not need to be read from tape so take file number, store pertinent information can be obtained on chip from MIC directly however, do not need to read all tape to be able to find record even, accordingly, the file searchs speed to rise greatly. It is when data is more and more voluminous, the value of this one technology will more highlight.

Patent technology AME (advanced metal vaporization adheres to) , tape surface is dry, pollute magnetic head not easily. Any pollution that if detector detects,go up to magnetic head, the cleaner of active magnetic head of the buy inside driver will keep clear of automatically contaminant, need not undertake be cleaninged regularly to magnetic head. Accordingly, do not use clean tape regularly surely, additional, because AME tape does not use adhesive data, the possibility of magnetic head block is reduced greatly, reduce effectively also use cost and simplify the product uses government. At present AME technology has upgraded to AME III. It is on AME II technology upgrade, technology of coating of technology of new metallic evaporate plating and lubricant recipe, back, raised a product to apply the stability of the operation actually further. Realized taller data to take in and send out in large quantities at the same time with lower noise; Grain of less metallic magnetic particle and slicker tape surface, the " sweetness that offerred higher density for the contact with magnetic head and direct tape nods " . In the meantime, reduced those who guide wheel pair tape to wear away further, raised the dependability of the product thereby.
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