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Three-dimensional service system drives HP gold IT new position
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On Feburary 1, 2008, the media communication that HP of Chinese Beijing —— held gold to serve now is met, the HP on the meeting rolled out the concept that service product changes formally, the definition vitrification that will serve at the same time and standardization. This second release, be after before long HP rolls out “ whole journey to aid force ” to plan before afterwards, choice of combinative user “ , use, protection, transfer ” this one complete lifecycle, the another materiality act that in the light of consumption the market and industry market roll out. Its purpose is to be in all-around while it is difficult to discharge care to solve for consumer, help enterprise solves trouble back at home, in order to aid its faster better progress.

In the product increasingly coessential change today, the focus that the industry competes already was changed to the service from the product. The service is one kind adds no longer already the auxiliary measure on the product, appear with the appearance of competition ability of core of a kind of company however, the period that service product spends has come. Serve to take seriously for user place increasingly in the product today, what kind of service just can satisfy the need of the user, the biggest the profit that turns protective customer? To the enterprise, how to raise investment return rate, promote the competition ability of the enterprise thereby, had become the issue that every company must think seriously. And in this respect, it is industry place commend with gold service all along, advocate hit the HP with custom-built and politic individual character criterion can weighs example, especially the concept with distinctive HP and practice are worth to we think seriously and be drawn lessons from quite.

   Serve in the round, professional consideration

The “ gold of HP serves plan ” to call “Care Pack ” of three-dimensional service system again: Kinds? of ┯ of housing scar Mao is big, 7 5 level, appreciation serve a product, cast off before the service form of simple plane, each aspect that considered different user however uses requirement, make an user OK choose the service of need freely, is passivity accepts the mark of the manufacturer to deserve to serve a provision no longer. Specific for, the service of HP is in order to protect inside, service of 2 kinds of big gold outside protecting is a foundation, form the surface that prop up with 5 level, form individuation with 7 appreciation services stereo face, form a system of whole three-dimensional and stereo service thereby.

2 kinds big, it is to point to what service of HP standard gold sets to protect inside with category of the two great services outside protecting, make in guarantee period inside and already went out guarantee period the user can purchase gold service, let have HP housekeeping money / business uses PC of table machine, monitor, workstation, thin client computer, razor blade and palmtop computer with jotter, business (PDA) all user of the product can enjoy maintenance service fee, come to serve cost and cost of common spare parts to be avoided completely.
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