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The door with energy-saving open of HP green memory
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“ China user is in an enterprise IT, especially on memory application energy-saving fall bad news, already inevitable! ” ever had government sector high level to go up to express so in large conference. As the rapid development of economy of our country countryman, the urgent leap of of all kinds data grows current whole society, brought about an enterprise to enlarge the dimensions of its storage system ceaselessly, each big data center also acquires ceaselessly new storage facility, and the constant growth of IT specific power consumption aggravate electric power is nervous, accordingly in recent years, built memory of green of travel of center of data of green new generation, big thrust to make the collective wish of each enterprise and data center, green, by one of main features that the personage analysed to label memory product inside course of study.

Show according to concerning data, in global IT total specific power consumption, the specific power consumption of data center was occupied 40% , and in specific power consumption of data center hardware, storage equipment was occupied again 37% to 40% . Accordingly, green memory is the linchpin that compose builds green data center not just, also be the main component of green IT.

Face the big tide that green stores, regard the whole world as company of the biggest science and technology, HP opens the application of the green storage technology that passes all sorts of preceding, led green the tide of memory, control for the enterprise huge data, made green competition ability supply powerful weapon. HP green stores the system can save the energy expenses that is as high as 50% for the enterprise, reduced the business cost of the enterprise not only, promoted business effect, for the abidance of business development laid good foundation, can last what helped an enterprise effectively realize enterprise and environment at the same time, harmonious joint development.

Hasten of place of green memory general trends

If say, the specific power consumption that stores at present arrives already high let a person must mention if taking seriously, so OK and affirmative is, if do not have the green storage technology of innovation, what future stores systematic specific power consumption will become enterprise and society cannot bear without doubt is heavy.

Above all, the explosive growth of data is the crucial factor that storage system specific power consumption grows continuously. According to some international famous data investigates the data of the orgnaization to show, to 2006, the whole world is founded, memory and duplicate digital information gross achieved breathtaking 161 billion GB, predict this data will achieve 988 billion GB 2010, be equivalent to human throughout history 15 million times of entire book information. Have more forecast point out, according to this one increase rate, the application of storage equipment increases every 18 months one times. Accordingly, specific power consumption also increases the corresponding period one times.
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