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Xu Jiajun: With body of parent of an ancient earthen utensil for steaming rise o
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Xu isChina forThe head of data center, the technology is super Niu Ren, inspector general of one class department, china for vice-president, year income crosses ten million, data center is the thorough subterranean that builds with lava a large construction. Radiation-proof, can prevent satellitic electron, the scout of the method such as radar. There is elephantine satellite to launch a center inside the sort of exceeding big screen, it is completely in the computer room 3 meters largeServerWith large computer. Join is whole each terminal of Hua Weiquan ball, whole China for everyday three mail, abroad the synchronous research and development with the whole world, inside information manages, internal technological process, china phone of bed domestic international IP is through going out.

Last week, I was referred formally leave one's post report, preparation gives his professional career a very great transition, this is the decision that my long reflection makes finally. But after putting forward to leave one's post really, after-thought is in 10 years of the company, still all sorts of feelings well up in his heart.

On July 16, 1997, I am carrying a bag to leave a plane from Shenzhen Baoan airport alone, walk out of the airport, the day is so blue, Bai Yun so low, air is so wet, admire a head to visit a day, to this city, right company, right the work that is about to begin and life, future to oneself spellbound. Arrived garden of science and technology, discovery is a desolate and devious place, fall nevertheless very quiet, in a few years when go to school, a chain of blow, make I like this kind of quiet, desolate, sense in an alien land a bit it seems that. Think now, through job of 10 years, oneself heart is coma really OK. In the heart that awaits in those days, the thing that seems what to does not have assured source constantly is in agitate, but say not to come out again, listening to Dewoxiake only " symphony of *** of make a fresh start " when, just discover many have the resonant down to in to weep.

Because was not caught up with large quantities of this year's unripe reception, I am myself a person comes to garden of science and technology of a building, clean and neat building, very handsome very beautiful security personnel and downstage, the employee with bouncy in and out, the mood that lets a person does it one brace up. After going a little while in disorder like the fly that do not have a head, an eldest sister of manpower resource, very profession, enthusiastic, patient told me how formalities is dealt with into duty, arrange me to be in that evening another name for Guangdong Province Haimenhua does it the home lives temporarily, the dormitory matters concerned after be being arranged again, the person lets without close foreign land in look times feeling is friendly, remember up to now.

Come to Shenzhen, come China for at that time is a kind of good luck really, 96 time do not ring for fame, it is especially besides the industry, now and then I see in classmate home one Zhang Hua humanness signs up for, have impression of a few articles up to now very deep: Yellow  invades Yan ⑿ to blow? of male of cook over a slow fire of the pain that divide Heng tells Europe 20 - the small company of 30 people, the sort of has globalization is run the strategy, ability is spent compatibly. One is Tang Dongfeng write be judged to be excellent staff to suffer the impressions after commending. Still have a renown head an intellectual property considers to be in ” in the center of very big “ , was frightened by this renown head at that time jump. Tell in article China for in those days accumulative total of research and development throws 180 million RMB, more let me frighten to follow bottle. I think at that time Tsinghua university funds of a year of scientific research also with respect to many bits 100 million, this company what interest, how is beautiful scientific research investment returned than Tsinghua? There was interest at that time.
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