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Analytic Dai Er buys the strategy of MessageOne backside
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Email has become a company in daily life the most omnipresent the application with the key. It can affect battalion to close, the fame of work efficiency and company. As a result of more and more policy code and demand for service, manage good Email, make achieve each index and catastrophic data to restore to wait for a requirement, becoming more and more complex. We announce to want to buy MessageOne today, one property group offers SaaS Email bannerly successional, amount to mark, store and the company that catastrophic data restores to serve, be our implementation simplifies IT, rebuild for the client to Email the key of framework of this one IT the significant move of the confidence of one annulus.

Dai Er's client is being searched all the time can help them simplify the plan of IT framework. Traditional service makes IT very complex. According to estimation, enterprise every cost 1 dollar on hardware and software, will be in seek advice to cost 3 dollars with integrated respect. So we are certain, we are OK from go up at all change industry pedestal serves mode. Through using science and technology, dai Er is supplying the advantage on catenary, long-range pedestal management and SaaS, daier is devoting oneself to to simplify for the client IT serves, we are in no less than 23 years short in the past, simplified hardware business. Our promising client reduces the tradition of hardware cost, our client believes, we go up in the service, also can accomplish this.

MessageOne is Dai Er of patulous service important one part, serve the market in the SaaS management that grows increasingly especially, two SaaS that can perfect us to be bought recently serve business Silverback Technologies and Everdream. The event that Silverback offers industry to precede is monitored and manage all sorts of company worth remotely (server, memory, printer, road by implement wait) service. Everdream this one function outspread arrive pair of client belongings (jotter and table computer) the management of lifecycle. These act are indicating the demand that Dai Erzheng devotes oneself to to solve medium and small businesses, it is same that this one target and we bought EqualLogic last year.

Buying itself is not a strategy, wear the one part of Er whole strategy however, the purpose is to promote Dai Er to will grow in 5 respects henceforth, these 5 respects are respectively: Consumer business, rising market, jotter, company business and medium and small businesses. Measure when us whether should undertake buying time, we see a few sides, buy enterprise and Dai Er appropriate on the strategy, after buying whether the growth of the twice of implementation of client natural resources that uses Dai Er, whether guide Dai Er to enter new channel, provide new tool. We look even, whether can it blend in our commercial pattern, with the difficulty of existing business conformity, should look to be bought the quality of business management group and outstanding achievement. Grow through nature and buy work along both lines, we can make up for the inadequacy on oneself ability immediately, enter new channel, in the whole world in numerous client use crucial technology extensively. You can continue to see Dai Er will use all sorts of opportunities to enhance oneself ability, satisfy the demand that our client changes increasingly and the challenge that face, help them simplify IT.
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