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Whether to judge breakdown hard disk to you can guarantee?
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Although say, from proper channelBuynew hard disk enjoys particular fixed number of year automatically guarantee service, but this is not to say to be able to enjoy this kind of service certainly inside this fixed number of year. Because, when the problem trouble that encounters reason of manufacturer of a few blame when hard disk, the manufacturer can reject offer commonly guarantee of the service. So, is what problem trouble having after all out manufacturer reason?

One, those who buy is hard disk of commodities from abnormal channel

It is a few cheaper that the price of commodities from abnormal channel is met relatively, to in for upright hard disk, the travel goods low 100~200 that comparing of commodities from abnormal channel is the same as a type yuan it is very normal thing. But it is to be not offerred guarantee freely of the service, if the user is bought,so is hard disk of commodities from abnormal channel gave an issue, the manufacturer can undertake relevant safeguard repair, but of the service expenses with general metropolis certain collection.

2, file system or guide fan area attaint

A lot of friends encounter the case that passes an operating system to break down, actually this is the expression with file system the most serious damage, but because tough challenge is inscribed,be not. Relatively slight file damage behaves the link in the file to appear commonly problem, or file configurationExpress occurrence mistake, make thereby of the file read take occurrence error. Because,actually these areSoftwareDesign inconsequently, thereby cannot with hardware system well compatible. To solve this problem, should undertake disk scanning and fragment are arranged regularly, perhaps change to hard disk format.
If be to guided fan area to damage, cannot start a system, that is relatively a bit more troublesome, but the fault that this also is not hard disk. Some friends think, in DOSCondition issues executive FDISK, the instruction such as FORMAT, can examine put in leading fan area have content, but cannot undertake modification rescripting operating to it however, thereby inextricability problem, be hard disk occurrence problem for certain. Actually this is incorrect. IfWe
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