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Example of repair of hard disk bad road
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The author receives a such hard disk recently: Elder brother vacates hard disk of Fireball Lct10 20GB. It can be identified below BIOS, but put in a large number of bad paths, main concentration is in 1% , 7% and near the capacity of 70% .
The author planned two repair program, act on first easy hind difficult principle uses the first program above all:

1. explains above all: The hard disk that can be identified correctly below BIOS ability is possible by software rehabilitate.

2. uses disk management to delete all partition below WinXP.

3. continues to use the disk government of WinXP, will whole hard disk differentiates for a partition. Run a format to change next (be not fast format to change) , use per cent method computative of bad path roughly the position, will bad path is alone and divisional.

Do sth over and over again 1 many hours, hard disk was done to decide. Whether can make the bottom also is done not have in the intention nevertheless. In use BT download undertakes “ actual combat detects the system when ” balks answer, look this hard disk still is put in problem ─ ─ the circumstance with bad to disk more talk this plan can solve a problem not quite.

Will see the 2nd plan again:
1. Detect
Below DOS use Disk Genius undertakes scanning to hard disk. Disk Genius can make a file that is called Badsect.txt automatically, it is containing the bad area information that Disk Genius detects. As a result of WinXP detecting is not very strict, the result detected through Disk Genius the bad way that a lot of have not discover. Look want repair it, not be very simple, be about to choose to suit the repair software of bad path of our hard disk quite next.

2. Choose appropriate software
At present can the software of bad path of repair hard disk is not very much, basically source of HDD Regenerator, PC3000, efficiency waits. What HDD Regenerator uses is retrorse magnetization technology, what efficiency source and PC3000 use is the method of list of blemish of modification hard disk. The scanning of HDD Regenerator and repair rate are very slow, and let serious defect of a “ ” is being boiled to count a hour in the hard disk “ of body ” also is not very appropriate, in the meantime, this kind of method not can this plants repair physics cut good damage.

Be about to make a choice between PC3000 and efficiency source next. PC3000 is the tool of rehabilitate of a hard disk of Russia, the function is very allegedly strong, although its pilfer edition software also price does not poor. And it belongs to Russian software, average person looks not to understand at all. If do not have a manual to cannot be used almost (original needs to cooperate card of a PCI to use, the edition that defeat solution is software) only, to average user so it also does not suit, look only businesslike the source is worth to try.

3. The use of efficiency source
Can download V1.6 of form of repair of efficiency cause bad course from the net at present the IMG file of retail edition (Http:// , can use special floppy disk duplicate tool makes floppy disk of a piece of rehabilitate. (Note: Had better not use any tools to read first after you make floppy disk take this piece of floppy disk, otherwise this piece of floppy disk cannot start the computer possibly. ) the First Boot of BIOS the setting is soft drive, the disk that just made with us next undertakes introductory to the system. Because V1.6 retail edition is on use time,some are restricted, we should be in above all Windows or time of system of BIOS lieutenant general is adjusted for in October 2003. If advocate board go up to be received at the same time have many hard disk, efficiency source will can be opposite only the first hard disk has repair, so need receives the hard disk that needs repair IDE 0(namely the first hard disk of the system) perhaps divide all hard disk outside waiting for long hard disk to shut in BIOS lieutenant general.
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