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Be afraid that hard disk is hurt, introductive
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Are oneself in magazine " masses hardware " on published " software can repair hard disk? Attaint of —— hard disk is analysed completely " after one article, this special subject also is reprinted by each large network medium at the same time, produced very big echo. Oneself collect collect through all sorts of channel a few reaction and opinion, a lot of consumer are to pass this article to just had heard of such thing and among them inside for the first time, support such article very much. Of course, inside all sorts of reaction little also not of the personage inside a few course of study accusing, think such article is adverse to the development of this industry.

Nevertheless anyway, I think to cherish sth of little value only because it is own blocking with information just is the biggest adverse factor that develops to hard disk and data industry; Make everybody much know the news of a few this respects, from raise everybody to be opposite on the whole the cognitive level of this industry, the level that just is helpful for maintenance of domestic hard disk and data restoring an industry truly rises. Be based on such idea just about, had this follow-up implied meaning then.

Because the object remains common DIYer and broad consumer, because this still is used,compare narrate means popularly, avoid to use too professional vocabulary and ” of profound alleged “ academic knowledge as far as possible. Point out even is, IDE hard disk and the specific composition with SCSI internal hard disk and principle are different, SCSI hard disk wants than IDE hard disk complex much.

Be based on the article to just stem from all-pervading purpose, what go up to narrate is common and simple, the hard disk that article place says is to point to IDE hard disk.

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