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Discard as useless skill of hard disk rehabilitate
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A lot of people are encountered detect in BIOS when be less than hard disk or signing up for a fault, discard as useless its. Actually, if switch on the mobile phone hind, hard disk can hear the voice that disk rotates when self check, estimation advocate electric machinery and control circuit board to all do not have breakdown, still have those who redeem leeway. Those who need an attention is, hard disk is a kind of rigid parts of an apparatus, very flimsy, answer before maintenance first will double hand is abluent, release the electrostatic reentry of human body remaining to be operated all right.
Cannot find the case of hard disk

The hard disk that to appearing mistake of “HDD Not Detected” hints, check hard disk above all whether does the interface of outside data line have be out of shape, whether is interface solder dot put in empty solder. After the possibility that eliminates above, get off hard disk rear cover, show circuit control plate. Twist the fixed screw on next control plate, control plate and depart of hard disk main body. Two spring that can see hard disk main body at this moment piece. One makes the power supply that gives priority to electric machinery, the data between power source of brachial drive coil and hard disk main body and circuit control plate transmits another magnetic head machinery that regards hard disk as main body interface. Special to notting have enclosed hard disk, often can see play reed and control place of circuit board correspondence all has dirt. Dip in with pledget anhydrous alcohol is clean, to shooting look of school of reed metabolic place, change a layer except deoxygenate, usually all recoverable normal.

If above processing is invalid, that has to open hard disk main body. Choose the environment with a very few dirt, the screw that builds before hard disk of to turn on (have a plenty of) of the cement that use gum. Get off of hard disk before lid, can see dish of face clearly at this moment. Detect with digital avometer above all whether does coil of drive of arm of magnetic head machinery open circuit. The normal block value of this coil is 20Ω left and right sides. Detect next on magnetic head whether to disconnect even the line. Every pieces of two side of dish of face all have a magnetic head, every magnetic head all has two to receive even the line the compositive chip on arm of magnetic head machinery to go up. The type with this common chip is H1710Q, action is magnetism signal change is telegraphic date, send circuit control plate processing again. Value of magnetic head block should be between 23Ω ~ 26Ω . If value of magnetic head block is greater, explain magnetic head damages. Magnetic head is linked together even line and chip H1710Q, value of block of H1710Q corresponding foot should be controlled in 1.7kΩ , if show this chip below in 1.2kΩ already by puncture, can change together with platoon line.

Be like the open circuit connecting a line on magnetic head, the high grade enamel-insulated wire of usable diameter 0.2mm is replaced. One aspect of the matter is pressed on the metallic shrapnel of magnetic head, solder of other one aspect of the matter is on the foot with corresponding H1710Q. The attention is enamel-insulated wire card inside the card chamfer with mechanical corresponding arm, use a few 502 glue are fixed, when preventing hard disk to turn, chafe with enamel-insulated wire photograph. After hard disk departmental cent recovers from an illness, use 702 silica gel finally will seal dead all round hard disk, prevent dirt to enter. Because magnetic head volume is very minor, block enamel-insulated wire not easily above, the operation had better leave in magnifier. Never had exerted oneself to do sth. at this moment fierce, can cause magnetic head damage otherwise, want to take care to add caution so. The hard disk after switching on the mobile phone via such rehabilitate is recoverable normal.
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