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10 kinds of common problems reach hard disk solution
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Hard disk regards computer fittings as medium core component, its are important degree is self-evident. NeverthelessWeAffirmative between daily application meeting encounters many greatly small issues, and bring about study and job to cannot continue. Problem of 10 when the author pays close attention to most with respect to the netizen below daily application undertakes analyse and be solutioned.

1, change hard disk is brought about cannot start

Breakdown phenomenon: Upgrade after nice area is being divided for hard disk when hard disk, duplicate the data of former hard disk again in new hard disk, this procedure is normal all the time, but get off after former hard disk, new hard disk cannot start computer, systematic clew: “PRESS A KEY RESTART” .

Breakdown analysis and processing: Estimation is divisional be new without activation hard disk advocate divisional, the breakdown that the hard disk that cause cannot guide. Need recycle Windows 98 to start Pan Qi to use DOS operating system only, run FDISK afresh, of activation hard disk advocate divisional can.

2, the divisional problem that solves high capacity hard disk

Breakdown phenomenon: Will new when bought 120G hard disk receives computer to go up repeatedly, BIOS can detect the capacity that identifies hard disk correctly to hard disk, but the hard disk capacity that detects in the FDISK when use FDISK is divisional is incorrect.

Breakdown analysis and processing: To the partition that FDISK cannot have, can use the software such as DM software or DISKGEN to have partition to hard disk. Because FDISK does not support high capacity hard disk, and the software such as DM software or DISKGEN is restricted without this kind of capacity.

3, the physical bad way that settles hard disk

Breakdown phenomenon: The hard disk cent of a 20GB is 3 areas, c dish 4 G, d dish 6 G, the rest space allocates for E dish. The closest occurrence breakdown, d of scanning of disk scanning program can move when starting computer every time dish, and arrive in scanning 10% when stop not before, jump over the computer after disk scanning program to be able to be used normally.

Breakdown analysis and processing: Should hard disk has physical bad path to cause. Because the physics of hard disk is bad the principle is general cannot repair, bad path of physics of processing hard disk is so best its screen. System of usable Windows 98 starts Pan Qi to use computer, moving Fdisk command has partition afresh to hard disk, or C dish cent is 4 G, differentiate the space of 1.4 G is D dish (because disk scanning program is to detect original D dish 10% cannot pass when the left and right sides, can calculate probably so the seat that gives bad fan division is in) in the 4 (20-4)×10%=5.6G of hard disk, differentiate next 500MB space is E dish (for will whole bad fan area includes to be in an alone partition, what divide the space of bad fan area so is a bit bigger) . Differentiate 4 G left and right sides is F dish, differentiate the rest space finally for G dish. After the space has differentiated, will differentiate the 500M space that come out is in E dish delete, later the magnetic head of hard disk won't revisit this area. After be being finished to the partition of hard disk, after the new computer that start undertakes to hard disk the format turns an operation, can install an operating system. After installing good Windows operating system, the D that can pass Partition Magic software to will differentiate so dish with F dish incorporate a partition. Such, the physical bad path of hard disk by software screen.
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