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Learn 3 action to restore hard disk vitality
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Hard disk produces bad line (bad path of logic bad path and physics) the likelihood is the thing that you are willing to see least of all. The data that hard disk bad path lets you gently is missing, dead occasion is frequent, weigh a hard disk to discard as useless. So, how should once hard disk produces bad line,do? Believed to see the introduction below, you can find the method that suits your certainly.

   The first action: Repair

If bad talk is not much and not quite serious, in groovy method (wait like Scandisk, NDD) HDD Regenerator Shell can try below invalid circumstance (abbreviation HDD) . HDD isFunctionPowerful hard disk repairs go back to work to provide, the physics of surface of its OK and true repair hard disk damages. Download:

Installation hind runs a program, executive Regeneration→create Dikette, the program can help what you found to take HDD start dish, the HDD after starting computer with this dish can move automatically. Choose a target dish hind carriage return (if have many hard disk) , HDD begins scanning hard disk, meet after HDD scanning arrives bad to in plan onShowGules “B” character, can have repair automatically subsequently, the bad path of foster cordial relations between countries expresses with blue “R” . Usually, the hard disk after repair can be used normally.

   The 2nd action: Conceal

If hard disk is bad the talk is not much but more serious, can conceal its below the circumstance that disables in repair, in order to prevent the amplification of bad path. This kind of tool is more, the Pqmagic that is like famous, Disk Genius, but their operation is more troubled, hereRecommendWith appropriative bad dish of partition implement ——FBDisk(Fixed Bad Disk) . FBDisk bulk is cabinet have 32KB volume only. It can scan automatically hard disk surface, will good track sets what be usable partition and be in bad trackSpace
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