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Means of settlement of hard disk abnormal knocking
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General hard disk can give out normal and clear sound when switch on the mobile phone, because hard disk is after electrify,this is, phonic group motor can drive hard disk magnetic head from stop move implement (the position of park of the magnetic head after hard disk cuts off the power) go up to pull open and move to dish an upper part the place of zero micron, whole process can form certain noise.
Leave when hard disk magnetic head stop move implement suspension is in dish piece in the sky later, this one noise is met abate or disappear, this is why the account that great majority hard disk can issue clear sound when switch on the mobile phone (it is all hard disk actually metropolis hair phonate is noisy, just differ according to respective motor sort, the size index of this one noise is endless and same, be aware of a little easily, some people ear is aware of not easily just) , these attribute normal phenomenon.
But if switch on the mobile phone later it is certain that hard disk or meeting give out relatively apparent having suddenly the sound of ” of “ Ka Ka of rhythm, but won't appear in major while the word of this kind of circumstance, it is hard disk perhaps been about to have appeared likely extremely so the omen of the problem. Because hard disk is in,the noise that when reading access to occupy normally, gives out is successive and even, and appear in some fan area circuit of attaint of bad path, magnetic head, hard disk board the word of breakdown, can sound so bigger and the abnormal knocking with “ regularity extremely strong ” , especially everybody is being read take some specific file appears when specific perhaps program the circumstance that noise increases, can conclude hard disk appeared the breakdown on hardware.
Breakdown is checked and analysed namely next, why is hard disk met from time to time ” of “ Ka Ka is noisy, doesn't computer admit to give hard disk to come?
Above all the chip that I checked circuit board, when breakdown appears, I try to use a hand (release first electrostatic) touch modular hard disk the chip on circuit board, chip is not very hot also, be being added is to switch on the mobile phone occasionally can undertake be readinged normally writing to hard disk, chip should be normal, because chip occurrence problem brings about hard disk to give trouble,not be.
Everybody knows, hard diskThe jobStable voltage and enough electricity need when, if voltage is flabby,be decided or when electric current is insufficient, the movement of main shaft electric machinery can be affected, make magnetism arm is searched difficult then, that is to say if voltage of hard disk power supply or voltaic change are too big, with respect to the change that can cause hard disk rotate speed, forbid with respect to fixed position of arm of meeting occurrence magnetism at this moment or mistake, cause without read access to occupy normally or hard disk bad line adds. The place of ceaseless fixed position of the unusual movement that this hard disk gives out noise of ” of “ Ka Ka constantly may be the be not stabilized and makes hard disk because of electric current and magnetism arm arises.
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