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Hard disk breakdown is soft repair skill means of settlement
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If hard disk appears breakdown, had better discover as early as possible so and take correct step in time. If when when the the disease is not curable, the valuable data in hard disk hard escape by sheer luck. Generally speaking, the meeting before hard disk occurrence breakdown has the following kinds of show: 1. Occurrence S.M.A.R.T breakdown hints. This is the buy inside itself of hard disk manufacturer in hard disk detect automatically the function is in effective, appear the hard disk that this kind of clew shows you has potential physical trouble, the circumstance that can appear very quickly to cannot move nonskedly normally.

2. Dead when Windows initialization machine. This kind of case is more complex, should eliminate other part to give the possibility of the problem above all, for instance bad, fan stops memory quality turn bring about systematic overheat, or virus is destroyed etc, if decide,finally is the word of hard disk breakdown, handle separately again.

3. Can enter Windows system, but moving program makes mistake, run disk scanning to also cannot be passed at the same time, often in scanning moment slow bog down dies even machine. This kind of phenomenon may be the problem of hard disk, also may be the soft breakdown of Windows after a considerable period of time, after the possibility that if eliminated software side,sets an issue, can be hard disk has physical trouble for certain.

4. Can enter Windows, program of moving disk scanning discovers the mistake is bad path even directly, this need not I said more, the inspection program of Windows can report in detail circumstance.

5. Cannot identify hard disk suddenly in BIOS at all, or although can identify,be, also cannot find hard disk with the operating system, this is the most serious breakdown.

The watch of partition of —— of great good fortune in misfortune is destroyed

Above allWeThe power source interface that should affirm hard disk and data line did not fall off, enter BIOS next, use “HDD Auto Detect” will detect hard disk. If right now BIOS can identify hard disk correctly, so at least the hope that your hard disk still has cure; Otherwise, I think great master also need not blind busy, because by us the tool of common DIYer at hand basically is helpless.

“55aa” string is searched in UltraEdit

With CD or after system of floppy disk guiding, everybody can try to enter C dish accord with, if right now clew cannot find C dish if, should be a meddlesome affection absolutely so. Appear this kind of condition is probable it is hard disk partition expresses information to be destroyed, perhaps be atttacked by some kind of virus. If hard disk is medium your data is right for be indifferent to, can come with FDISK/MBR command first so termless cleared partition expresses content, wait for divisional software with FDISK next new and divisional format is changed, can solve a problem so commonly; And if you return the data in needing hard disk, so measure should be bothered a few. At this moment best can have a piece to kill virus software to perhaps be followed advocate board
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