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Hard disk breakdown happens mysteriously - upgrade need to note compatible probl
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UpgradeComputerHowever it is easy in that way that everybody envisages unlike to buy the fittings that he needs mediumly to be changed, if consider not week is very easy cause hardware trouble, bring needless trouble to oneself, I encountered a ” of bizarre breakdown of “ hard disk.
Breakdown phenomenon: Before paragraph time my general machine upgrades to P4 by original 810 P3, advocate boardUsed Hua Shuo P4P800 to simplify edition. Stem from economicCapitalconsideration, hard disk withheld will original rare nimble U6 30GB to come down, make system of double hard disk with new hard disk, rare nimble hard disk serves as advocate dish, the hard disk of 80GB of fish of rare nimble cruel that buys after that serves as from dish, two dishes go up to all contain system. Move at the beginning good, but when switching on the mobile phone after a few days, abrupt clew cannot find systematic hard disk, thinking is the cause with abnormal join, unplug data line and power supply cord after falling, be inserted afresh then close, after be being started again, breakdown gets settlement. However later such phenomenon appears repeatedly, always can detect sometimes U6 hard disk, and do not detect again sometimes.

Breakdown analysis eliminates: The breakdown that is less than hard disk according to switching on the mobile phone to search sometimes later is behaved, the possibility that damages hard disk oneself above all eliminates, because be inserted repeatedly,suspecting most is unplug occurrence short circuit, but after measuring new old hard disk respectively with avometer, prove hard disk is sutural and do not have illness. Unplug data line and power supply cord after falling, be inserted afresh close, have any effect far from to removing trouble, in use still can look for adverse hard disk. Say partition of hard disk guiding was affected virus? Poison is killed to also did not find the sign of virus all right in DOS condition. Advocate board cannot find a few when cause hard disk trouble common elements to be eliminated, maintenance was immersed in predicament.

Is it possible that does with the circuit of oneself of this hard disk existence concern? Adopting tried attitude, the principal and subordinate of two hard disk the relation made change, strange is cruel fish 80GB was done advocate dish later used two days of defect to did not appear, any time switch on the mobile phone two hard disk can be found. New will old hard disk is done advocate dish, breakdown appears again again. It is normal all the time to think this old hard disk is used before upgrading, just arrive this new 865PE advocate board on threw fall, look the reason is returned anew advocate board go up search.
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