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Hard disk is common breakdown and its processing technique
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1. The hard disk that power source causes cannot start normally

The voltage that computer power source outputs is + 5V and + 12V respectively. Hard disk starts the electricity that needs + 12V voltage and 4A, hard diskThe jobThe electric current when is 1.1A. Of floppy disk start the voltage that needs + 10V left and right sides only and 1.3A electric current, and working electric current is 0.5A. The output voltage of computer power source is not worth + 12V, hard disk cannot be started and work.

Handle this kind of trouble, be about to make power source is outputtedRestoreTo + 12V voltage.

2. Advocate board the hard disk that batteries voltage inadequacy causes cannot be started

This is advocate board go up charge batteries invalidation causes lead plane parameter disorder and the breakdown of generation. Advocate board go up charge batteries (it is lithium battery commonly) be close when lead plane use when machine save machine clock, date, a number of floppy disk driver, type, hard disk number, type, monitor means, memory capacity, of the systematic parameter such as patulous capacity. Should switch on the mobile phone when electrify self check, BIOS detects automatically the parameter watch in CMOS, if do not match, appear dead machine. The working voltage of lithium battery is 6V of + of + 3V ~ . If batteries voltage is not worth + 3V or batteries invalidation, criterion hard disk cannot be identified.

3. Mistake of hard disk parameter guides the hard disk that send cannot be started

Hard disk parameter has number of division of number of channels of number of size of hard disk capacity, magnetic head, magnetism, fan to wait a variety of. The hard disk that different manufacturer produces, its join numerical value each are not identical. If hard disk joins numerical value to install a mistake, criterion hard disk is not started. Area of number of channels of the magnetic head number that needs to install hard disk afresh at this moment, magnetism, fan counts equivalence. The method is: Self check is waited for to begin after switching on the mobile phone above all, press DEL bolts, can enter CMOS SETUP to set condition. Next, to COMS medium parameter undertakes installing: The TYPE in choosing column of STANDARD CMOS SETUP, write true TYPE value. General advocate board hard disk self check measures a function. In entering CMOS SETUP to set bill of fare, choose “IDE HDD AUTO DETECTION” can.
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