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Little-known secret - hard disk breakdown handles skill
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One, hard disk is common the judgement of breakdown

Generally speaking, the breakdown of hard disk can be divided mix for pure hardware breakdownSoftwareBreakdown.
Opposite for, the hardware trouble that software causes is more complex, mix to systematic software because of hard disk drag in application software, but settlement way is compared however occasionally simple, for instance advocate guide fan area to be revised illegally to bring about a system to cannot be started, be not the logic that closes machine hind to cause normally bad path, change through new and divisional format commonly can solve. And the breakdown of pure hardware compares breakdown of intractable —— hardware to be able to divide what cause for the system again, for example advocate boardIDE interface becomes loose, as incompatible as other hardware equipment, power supply is not steady etc, and another breakdown that is hard disk itself, of courseWeCan observe through the eye whether circuit board has chip by burn down, listen carefully with ear whether is there the means such as unusual noise to judge when starting. Hard disk breakdown included information of problem of magnetic head attaint, circuit board, chip missing, motor does not turn etc, the most intuitionistic phenomenon is entered namely advocate board after BIOS is installed, cannot identify hard disk.

After switching on the mobile phone according to computer make mistake clew also is to be able to decide hard disk breakdown roughly of the type. The screen after switching on the mobile phone for instance shows: “Device Error” , show again next: “Non - System Disk Or Disk Error, replace And Strike Any Key When Ready” , hint hard disk cannot be started, after be being started with floppy disk, in A:≫ hind keys in C:  talks about?ldquo;Invalid Drive Specification” of Huang allow chaste tree, the system does not identify hard disk, the hard disk in CMOS installs parameter to lose or commonly hard disk type installs a mistake to cause. The screen after switching on the mobile phone shows: “Invalid Partition Table” , hard disk cannot be started, if be started from floppy disk,identify C dish, as a result of,be commonly hard disk advocate the divisional watch in guiding a record has a mistake and cause. Screen shows “Error Loding Operating System” or “Missing Operating System” demonstrates hard disk advocate guide a record to be destroyed, divisional perhaps end mark is destroyed, still cause likely, the cause that creates this kind of appearance has: CMOS parameter is altered; The systematic file IO.SYS below hard disk and MSDOS.SYS are destroyed; Hard disk DOS guides a record (BOOT) suffer
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