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Hard disk does not start breakdown analysis
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Using computerProcessIn, a lot of users had encountered the case that computer cannot start. The cause that causes a system to start trouble has a lot of kinds, and follow hard disk among them pertinent question is particularly much. The author comes to everybody belowAnalysisHard disk causes do not start trouble:

One, hard disk starts a process

When hard disk starts indispensible 6 conditions:
(Jumper of 1) hard disk is correct, hard disk power supply is normal;
(Parameter of 2)CMOS hard disk is installed correct or set to detect automatically;
(3) advocate lead fan area (namely 0 0 0 areas, content includes advocate guide record and hard disk partition to express) content is complete and without the mistake;
(Of partition of 4) current activity advocate DOS guiding record is complete and correct;
(5) file distributes a list FAT list is complete and correct;
(The 6) system file that start is complete and correct;
(7)Operating systemMust the file that start exists and correct.

It is with WIN98 operating system exemple, its start a process to analyse as follows:

(1) opens the mains switch of power source electrical outlet, lead plane power source appends report, secondary power source begins to give priority to board power supply, be lead plane switch on the mobile phone prepare. If your advocate board have clavier mouse to switch on the mobile phone when the function, clavier lamp or photoelectricity rat can give off light to often shine.

(2) should press after mains switch, lead plane opens Electromechanical road lock to decide, announcement power source advocate power sourceThe job, next the computer advocate board get report to begin self check with relevant component, power source indicator light is bright.
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