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The hard disk trouble that oxidation of power source connect causes
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The author's computer has used two years, when discovery switchs on the mobile phone every time recently, always do not detect hard disk. Can try a few times more canNormalStarted. I think the likelihood is the cause that place of hard disk ageing causes, also do not have justifiable meeting all the time so.
As the elapse of time, switch on the mobile phoneDetectThe phenomenon that is less than hard disk is more and more frequent, the author is forced to send maintenance station to undertake repairing hard disk, detect hard disk when maintenance technicianAfter ending, inform hard disk to do not have any breakdown however, it is him homeComputerdoes data line have a problem? Then, decide a hard disk to bring back the home to do farther test.

After returning the home, the author changed root data line, computer is started after installing hard disk, detected when self check hard disk, but use half hour hind, dead machine of abrupt La Bing, systematic clew is read take hard disk error. Start computer afresh then, run Scandisk to command scanning hard disk, d of clew of the system after scanning is finished dish one manage bad line, moving hard disk is then divisionalThe tool had screen to bad path. Finished theseThe job, when me with confidence restart after computer, breakdown as before.

Look should seek an account from other side, is the voltage of D form outlet that can you be power source insufficient? Check the power source voltage of D form outlet with avometer then, but the 5V of every outlet, 12V is complete normal. The author is helpless under be forced a power source outlet and hard disk, the equipment such as CD driver joins afresh, start computer again next, hard disk was found unexpectedly, and computer is used and euqally normal before, can be CD driver this dish accord with disappeared again. At this moment author discovery, box interior alters with what only differs before is outlet of form of D of power supply cord and a CD driver and hard disk are linked together when receiving, the outlet of form of power source D that both place uses exchanged each other inadvertently. Look the problem goes to go up in D form outlet. The author takes outlet of two D form on the hand to observe carefully, discovery, among them 4 of interior of outlet of form of a D columnar contact is stemmed by the bilge of a few yellow. Then, the author keeps clear of the metallic reed bilge inside outlet of this power source instantly, after had joined CD driver again, switched on the mobile phone to find hard disk and CD driver smoothly. So far breakdown gets settlement thoroughly.   
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