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USB affidavit report is insufficient, trouble of caused mobile hard disk
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The author receives the telephone call of a friend a few days afore, the computer that says their unit is bought newly appeared breakdown, the leader is very malcontent, want to let me looked in the past. As a result of itsComputerThe hand that is classics author deserves to come out, the author's so obligatory unit that comes to the friend, for at the outset him bribe a meal will fulfil obligation.
Particular breakdown case is very simple, because the computer of friend unit is used in multimedia report hall, the learned man that often has an other place comes lecture. The content outfit that these scholars want him to tell commonly is in actor or actress dish of mobile perhaps hard disk inside, be all sorts of shift with these differ model store nevertheless it is difficult that equipment let a friend make, the mobile hard disk because of a lot of scholars cannot identify on the friend's machine, the notebook computer that is forced to use unit of one a playscript with stage directions temporarily so is used. Such come borrowing borrow, the leader is very dissatisfactory to this computer that distributes newly, so this ability found the friend I.

Listened to a friend to tell these circumstance heel friends to come to the computer room, saw that machine, see operating system or WIN98, because a lot of shift store,equipment is below WIN98 cannot Plug and Play, suspect the reason because of the operating system makes do not have the mobile hard disk that holds driver to cannot be used more very much above all. Have a try with respect to XP of proposal friend mount then, through lengthy installation process, had installed XP eventually, think completely this OK have nothing worry about. Let a friend take out installation of mobile hard disk immediately, after crossing a mobile hard disk to receive USB mouth to go up, the system is remained without any reaction. Be USB interface bad? Think of here, receive mobile hard disk on another USB mouth, do not cross state still unaltered. Advocate boardInterface of on two USB damages impossibly entirely. The actor that takes oneself subsequently dish everything what take a testNormalDenied immediately this idea. It is the problem of driver, be in nevertheless the drive that turns over a friend to be offerred dish hind, also did not find the driver that this mobile hard disk issues in XP. This is pardonable also, because of what should not need what driver originally ah. Does the problem go after all again where? I can't help also beginning worry.
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