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DoSTOR stores news stores business drives HP Q2 profit to rise
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DoSTOR stores international will report news on May 22: The memory business of HP is rising, but its CEO Mark Hurd says, still more things want to do.

Last night, HP uses his outstanding achievement of the 2nd quarter denied of the analyst beforehand appraise, its memory sells what drove outstanding achievement with the driving expression of overseas business to rise.

The agreement that HP announces to tycoon EDS is wrapped outside wanting to be bought with 13.9 billion dollar last week offerred the guidance of its annual, its income of the 2nd quarter rises 28.3 billion dollar, denied the analyst is opposite its of income of 28.1 billion dollar beforehand appraise, with photograph of the corresponding period was compared last year, grow 11 % .

HP every gain 80 cent, net income amounts to 2.8 billion dollar, last year the corresponding period, its every gain 65 cent, net income 2.3 billion dollar. Its are not GAAP gain 87 cent, exceeded an analyst to its of 85 cent beforehand appraise, and last year the corresponding period, its are not GAAP gain to be 80 cent.

The CEO Mark Hurd of HP says on the telephone conference last night, the 2nd season of HP is behaved very strong in every respect, he returns an explanation to say, carry out of its sea export occupies HP the 70 % of gross income of the 2nd season.

Below an increasingly austere economy environment, the America income of HP is compared the corresponding period grew 4 % last year, however the sale that its are in Europe, middle east, Africa and Asia-Pacific area area grew 16 % .

Although the ISS income of HP and kept balance last year, but the income of the 2nd quarter of its ESS branch amounts to 4.8 billion dollar, with photograph of the corresponding period was compared last year, grow 4 % . Than last year photograph of the corresponding period is compared, sale of server of its razor blade grows 68 % , store the sale grows 14 % , this drove growth of its ESS income.

These are driven by the high-end XP circuitry of HP. Income of circuitry of XP of its high end grew 21 % , upright EVA circuitry grows 17 % in.

Although HP stores to its the effort of business already saw effect first, but recently in a few quarters, it is good that its store outstanding achievement still has have bad.

Last night, hurd says when answering the question that an analyst raises: "I think this already a lot of, I am very so happy " , but he returns an explanation to say, he still hopes to see HP more memory business, "Regard memory market as a participator that go up, we have more jobs to want to do. We have more jobs to want to do..

Hurd complement says, HP is in with like IBM and Sun such competitors compete, the new client that HP adds his and the client that sell growth to bring into its to have group in.

Last night, analyst people the impact that still enquired to Hurd HP EDS is bought, hurd explanation says, he predicts this and buy trade in the cavalcade that will make HP enters " of account of " key company, "Apparent, this meeting increases our memory to sell " .
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