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2008 Fuji know DoSTOR memory news international forum Tokyo concludes
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2008 Fuji connect international forum to fall satisfactorily at will be in center of conference of Japanese Tokyo international on May 16 next heavy curtain. Fuji connects international forum to serve as Fujitsu (Fuji is connected) the group is annual the delibrate with the most large-scale whole world and exhibition activity. This year is more quicken domain innovation with " , more " of joint client demand for service gives priority to a problem, attracted those who include country and the area such as Japan, China, United States, Europe in all many 12000 honored guest attends. Fuji tells company limited chairman Qiu Cao is straight, area of Heichuanbozhao, China always represents the president the group high level such as 50 haze grand all attends this forum, the spot that is honored guest attending the meeting to present a large-scale high quality is revealed and splendid speech.

2000 Duopingmi's exhibitions are amounted to in the area in hall, exhibit in all 110 kinds of most advanced products and solution. To provide the more clear and significant information that exhibit a stage, category of domain of item on display of this forum basis, with 8 kinds different color differentiates go out include forward position business to innovate (Frontline Business Innovation) , environment and general design (Sustainability And Universal Design) , epoch-making new and high technology (Cutting-Edge Technology) , IT infrastructure maximize (IT Infrastructure Optimization) , next generation ERP (Next-Generation ERP) , SaaS (Software As A Service) , safety and business are uninterrupted, and every area configured more than 10 to exhibit a stage again, combinative know well is ripe the announcer of this field professional work, to attend the meeting guest and media offerred detailed spot to demonstrate to explain with much language. Content full and accurate, intuitionistic understand easily. Driver of equipment of attestation of safety of vein of palm of a few such as, newest train grooms the system, guest people still can experience personally, practical experience the safety of this product and advantage.

After the splendid speech of afterwards autumn rough chairman, fuji tells company limited president Mr Heichuanbozhao was honored guest attending the meeting to elaborate " domain to innovate in detail (Field Innovation) the specific connotation of " . Fujitsu (Fuji is connected) propose the enterprise mechanism that change to bring up to be able to answer all management environments quickly and creates value continuously and ceaseless innovation. Fujitsu (Fuji is connected) think, "Person " is management lead, "Spot innovation " is person, flow and IT unifinication, in help of all management spot people changes self-awareness and action, the last management innovation after farther implementation and IT unifinication. On this viewpoint, fujitsu (Fuji is connected) the KONWHOW that will accumulate from inside numerous client case at present and Fujitsu (Fuji is connected) in-house practice experience serves as referenced mode, will be offerred for the client can change the " person " , " professional work that supports enterprise reform truly solution " . As the client's partner, fujitsu (Fuji is connected) the management base that will build lead times in compose for the client and IT foundation respect provide support. Meanwhile, hei Chuan's president still expresses, fujitsu (Fuji is connected) will quicken overseas market business the proportion in global business, the hope can compare overseas business before 2010 40% what increase integral business again. Fujitsu (Fuji is connected) will value Chinese market more, the hope can become the outstanding partner of Chinese client, quicken domain innovation, offer more the service of demand of client of press close to.
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