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NetApp releases money of the fourth quarter to sign up for high-level acceptance
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DoSTOR stores international will report news on May 23: According to the money of newest exposure the newspaper shows, the four seasons of NetApp spends income to grow 17% , but relative to Yujili embellish is led for, netApp still needs to strengthen its to sell.

Face intense competition and fatigued and weak with each passing day North America market, especially this kind of phenomenon appears in SAN and NAS at the same time on two markets, after releasing money of the fourth quarter to declare, netApp decides augment its sell a team, this quarterly net income is NetApp 89.8 million dollar, every accrual 26 cent, opposite at 2007 money year for the 89.6 million dollar of the fourth quarter and every accrual of 23 cent, rise somewhat.

According to computation of standard of blame GAAP accounting, every accrual of NetApp is 38 cent, net income is 131 million dollar, and the corresponding period was every accrual last year 30 cent and 114 million dollar, before this, the analyst predicts generally is 36 cent.

NetApp is 93.8 million dollar in the gross income of the fourth quarter, have not small promotion at the 80.1 million dollar last year relatively, nevertheless the promotion of profit margin also showed NetApp not high to be not worth in what assure profit to go up, divide this beyond, the 93.81 million dollar that data of this one income estimates under the analyst slightly merely.

In this money year, netApp money newspaper shows gross income is 3.3 billion dollar, before one money year it is 2.8 billion dollar, of the analysts before this also accorded with this predict.

"Although American economy grows the economic environment that puts tension depression, but the group of NetApp still obtained better result this year, "Company CEO Dan Warmenhoven speaks of on the telephone conference last night, he returns complement to say, netApp will continue to increase a salesperson, to in an attempt to divests from inside hand of competitor EMC company more market share.

NetApp is in new money year will be first quarter on 7645 existing employee add 500 people, express according to NetApp, it is a salesperson for the most part among them, warmenhoven expresses, "The sale dimensions of our competitor and ability are greater than what we do much. "The sale dimensions of our competitor and ability are greater than what we do much..

Analysts think, netApp is done so is astute on this increasingly intense memory market, in 12 months of future, netApp may face more intense competition.

Kaushik Roy of analyst of Pacific Growth Equities expresses: "The agency Fuji that we worry about NetApp is the biggest all the time connects Xi Menzi company to may sell the NAS product of Exanet of private holding company, although Fuji connects Xi Menzi to still can sell the product of NetApp continuously, but, the GX product of NetApp will face the direct competition of Exanet. The GX product of NetApp will face the direct competition of Exanet..
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