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EMC world plenary session: EMC rolls out product of newest disk backup series
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DoSTOR memory news on May 21: EMC announced new backup product on the EMC World congress yesterday, replace this to look from the feasibility that backs up disk as company level tape, this is this till the company is current most positive move.

Heavy complex number falls with disk according to deleting two technologies that fast technology just should store the tycoon is used in this respect, they make the disk that regards tape as substitute has economy more.

The EMC information that is located in city Hopkinton of equestrian Sa Zhu Sai stores the director Dave Donatelli of career ministry says: "These products used heavy complex number to occupy delete, disk drive falls fast technology and disk drive of feebleminded bad news, so that reduce relative to the is based on disk backup cost " at tape.

Tape library is the product of in front of of new product line and central product. Two LAN (local area network) what backup is aimed at to disk system is medium-sized company, the heavy complex number that contains those who come from elder brother to vacate a company to be based on strategy is occupied delete a function, can reduce backup dimensions and IP data duplicate dimensions. EMC Disk Library (DL) 3D 1500 provides the capacity that is as high as 36TB, and DL3D 3000 provides the capacity that is as high as 148TB. Library of these two disk used 1TB SATA (serial ATA interface) disk, contain RAID 6 (independent disk is redundant array) data protects a function. The user still can choose to use fiber-optic passageway port.

These products will appear on the market in May 2008, the getaway of DL 1500 valence is 115 thousand dollar.

In fictitious tape library (VTL) respect, EMC had released DL 4000 product. Occupy besides heavy complex number delete a function, it still contains disk to fall at the same time fast technology, so that reduce cost of specific power consumption. The product photograph that is based on LAN together is compared, it is more high-end system, those who be aimed at is large SAN (memory local area network) environment.

"EMC begins to enter whole VTL market before a few years, had made work now the VTL product " that went out to exceed 245PB, donatelli says, "The electric energy of DL 4000 disk drive uses up those who reach cooling cost to fall panel height amounts to 47 % , accordingly this product goes in front in this domain " .

The disk drive of DL 4000 series falls fast function is free. Substantially, it is will unused driver is set for Morpheus mode. Although itself of this kind of means can reduce the specific power consumption of 19 % only, but of feebleminded bad news 5400 turn 1TB SATA driver makes specific power consumption is reduced further, compare with the 7200 driver that turn, it uses the electric energy of 68 % only, because the specific power consumption of this whole reduces scope,achieve 47 % . DL 4000 also will be by May appear on the market. Start valence is 200 thousand dollar.
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