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DoSTOR stores plenary session of news EMC world releases backup new plan
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DoSTOR stores Beijing will report news on May 20: EMC company (new York card meets a code: EMC) announced a series of new backup plan today, help data center eases the difficult task that faces when answering digital universe to expand ceaselessly. The person that thousands of ginseng is faced to meet on EMC World releases these new solutions, they used heavy complex number to occupy delete, dish piece fall fast (Spin Down) wait for latest technology with driver of low power comsumption, photograph of backup of further help disk reduces cost greatly to tape backup. EMC provided the hardware with the most extensive industry, software and service, user of contented whole world, to the whole world from individual consumer the number of center of the biggest data backs up, restore and file demand.

New issuance product and function include:

  • EMC Disk Library 3D 1500 and 3000- - system of new backup of disk of local area network, face medium-sized company, have the heavy complex number that is based on strategy to occupy delete, EMC " 5 9" (99.999% ) memory platform and IP are duplicate function, help client ensures the usability of backup data, reduce backup data bulk, need not physics delivers tape to also can satisfy different ground data to protect demand.
  • EMC Disk Library 4000- - the open system with EMC company banner market is fictitious tape library (VTL) deployed now repeat data to delete, dish piece fall driver of fast function and newest high capacity, low power comsumption, reduce specific power consumption and medicinal powder heat is as high as 47% .
  • 2 generation of EMC Avamar Data Store and EMC Avamar 4.0- - the backup of EMC new generation of latest edition reinstates plan, the heavy complex number that provided global source end is occupied delete a technology, offerred main engine has expensive processing to be used more function, better support, easily, include the function with double capacity of every system backup. Now, compare with photograph of generation plan, data of every backup 1TB can use the client less the sources of energy of 43% , always have cost to be able to decrease 25% , with tape backup photograph is compared, always have cost to be able to decrease be as high as 75% . This makes it runs more message easily, the nervous position that eliminates a backup below general reason condition to repeat data to copy information base framework to bring.
  • EMC NetWorker Fast Start- - of EMC company's lead NetWorker backup software simplify new version, it is the medium-sized company in growing and design, reduced deploy time to amount to 75% , decreased to install measure number to amount to 80% . This software is mixed with single price, onefold mode onefold and handy installation, offerred single backup program.

Norton medical treatment is the medical treatment system with American the oldest Kentucky, 100 integrated hospitals of complete beauty serve one of systems, it is EMC backup, restore to reach file (BuRA) the big client of the solution. Client computer of Norton medical treatment / Sean O'Mahoney of manager of server information system expresses, "Today's issuance showed EMC is the reason of BuRA market leader into its. It is passed release EMC Disk Library, EMC NetWorker and EMC Backup Advisor, and the solution with the market and the banner industry such as EMC Centera, had built powerful base. Had built powerful base..
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