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Why data restores a company to lack originality
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Data restores to regard informatization as a of development burgeoning domain, in last few years hotter and hotter. The attention rate that people restores to data is higher and higher also. But, if you are encountered,the server delays machine when, the hope finds professional data to restore a company to solve a problem. But, find a skill does the data of excellent, on the safe side restore to serve trader easier said than done?
A few days ago, we interviewed what Asian technology precedes to amount to think of hard disk data to restore Zhou Zhiwen of company chief engineer. the chief engineer says, the actual condition that at present data restores an industry is:
1, Hard disk data restores a company to lack innovation, no matter be to serve content or service flow and quote means to wait a moment, lack new idea, let a client feel machine-made, borrowed serious. This makes a client very difficult discern the data that has actual strength truly restores a company
2, The data after data restores with open quotation data is confidential measure is non-standard. Hidden trouble of security of confidential to the client's privacy government is very big. The client's data is confidential manage basically the quality by the individual. RAID
3, Data restores a technology to lag behind, data of domestic hard disk restores senior engineer deficient of the technology, the person of the same trade does not have technical communication.
4, Data restores not to serve to reach the designated position, major number lacks normal company management according to restoring to serve a company, the administrative pattern of familial type brings about the technology of whole industry and administrative lag.
Be aimed at afore-mentioned problems, amount to think of data to restore to always be versed in Zhou Zhiwen appeals, data restores an industry to need every company sincere letter to manage, raise service consciousness, raise data to regain technical level, only such, this industry ability may be healthy develop.
Think of about amounting to
Amount to thinking of data to restore is byTechnology of Da Saikai luck (Beijing) limited companyThe complete Asia that investment builds' famous data restores to serve a brand. Company construction has
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