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: “ goddess in the moon our company restores the astronomy data of satellite of month of a visit. Science and technology of network of ” beautiful day (Suzhou) limited company president holds general manager Dr. Cao Feng concurrently to say proudly to the reporter. This once helped the company that unit of scientific research of much home state, large state-owend enterprise and well-known company back up and restores data, because help unit of some scientific research,restored goddess in the moon last year an explore phase passes data and reputation is big brace up. Not long ago, limited company of science and technology of beautiful day network finished all early days to arrange the job, move division Suzhou, enter formally be stationed in garden of small system of city of Suzhou science and technology.

The goddess in the moon that help strength reputation of a —— is big brace up

“ is to fight 3 days continuously really 3 night! ” memory has the scene at that time, cao Feng still is ” of “ one's heart still fluttering with fear. A day of December 2007, the company receives the urgent telegram of unit of some scientific research: Its use the jotter hard disk that memory goddess in the moon analyses data related satellite of month of a visit dish face injury, magnetic head is destroyed, physical damage is very serious, technical difficulty is belonged to top class regain level, and be badly in need of this data collect holding a press conference again at that time, the condition is very critical. The beautiful day science and technology that chief thought of to ever had had collaboration for many times instantly. “ should hit 229 phones to urge us everyday. ” Cao Feng and his group without a stop, the same night works overtime. 6 individual abdomen became hungry with respect to the meal that use a case carelessly is solved, tired make a bit by turns rest. Day drives night, need the 1 project that completes to 2 weeks ability originally, they just used 3 days only. Cao Feng is laughing to say to the reporter, there still is staff family member to call during working overtime come to him this manager complains. Subsequently press conference is very successful, the excited staff member to beautiful day says chief of scientific research unit: “ your service is really special and seasonable, reach the designated position! ”

Seasonable, reaching the designated position is data restore and back up fill want a condition. Beautiful day science and technology depends on what its restore function and fast formidably to answer speed namely, become industry celebrity. Cao Feng says to the reporter, similar goddess in the moon such example still has satellite of month of a visit a lot of. In September 2007, they still depend on oil field rehabilitate for carat Ma database of core oil extraction. Oil field controller discovers database of oil extraction core breaks down at that time, all jobs pause entirely, everyday the loss is inestimable. No time to delay, after Cao Feng receives the job, take colleague the same night to hurry to Xinjiang by the fastest flight. Pass 3 days of 3 night fight bravely all night, the server is succeeded repair. After the event, carat Ma is appreciated extremely to them according to the controller of oil field. Cao Feng calculated slightly, the company holds water up to now, had been many 15000 enterprise or business unit and individual restore or backup count is occupied.
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