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Windows2003 installs the trouble that double hard disk cannot know
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Of the authorComputerWhat install so is the hard disk of a 10GB, because upgrade,changed a hard disk of 40GB, the hard disk of 10GB is put in the “ in the drawer to rest ” . The thing in new later hard disk is really too much, just consider will turn with old hard disk put a few films and song.

Then will old hard disk and CD driver are received together go up in line of data of the 2nd IDE, let advocate hard disk enjoys line of data of the first IDE alone. Good when join hard disk and advocate board hind switch on the mobile phone, enter BIOS to undertake hard disk is searched first, clew can find double hard disk, explain working position is good. Enter Windows Server 2003 directly, the system after loginning is clew finds new hardware first, hard disk turned installation of a clew ends, have one's heart filled with like the ground to open “ my computer ” searchs double hard disk dish accord with, but the system is found only advocate a few partition of hard disk, did not find the partition of small size hard disk, restarted a few times circumstance as before.

Be forced to click “ to begin ” , point to “ to install ” , click ” of “ Control Panel next. Doubleclick ” of “ government tool, doubleclick “ computer to manage ” next, among them disk management undertakes v examine, a few partition that can see the 2nd hard disk in disk management exist. Be divisional format incorrect?

Undertake to the 2nd hard disk the format is changed first, after processing is good, close machine restart, circumstance as before. Be forced to enter disk management to examine again, the drive that this ability discovers the 2nd hard disk is divisional does not have dish of symbol after icon, the system also was not appointed automatically, this reason causes? With the mouse right key clicks the hard disk partition that does not have dish of accord with, choose “ to change driver number and method ” , appointed dish of new symbol. Open my computer again, the partition of small size hard disk shows a body eventually.

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