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155 million dollar buys Dai Er MessageOne of firm of service of company report m
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According to foreign media coverage, a few days ago, dai Erxuan cloth buys company report to mail management to serve manufacturer MessageOne.MessageOne to be offerred for enterprise user with the price of 155 million dollar by want a service, offer file to restore to wait with data, special attention mails business at report.

The electric mail of MessageOne manages a service to be able to reduce the risk that runs electric mail effectively, offer file, successional serve with security, avoided the incur loss through delay that report mails and data loss. The analyst points out, dai Er buys the petticoat influence of MessageOne existence likelihood, because MessageOne is Michael Er. Wear the brotherly Adam of Er. Dai Er founds. Now, messageOne is being extended to market of interconnection much professional work. Last year in November, messageOne bought EqaulLogic company.

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