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NetApp disk backs up to disk solution
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Main advantage

1 improve work efficiency

Compare to tape photograph with backup, use this kind of disk to back up to disk the solution can help you save the backup government time that is as high as 75% . 1

2 raise usability

Use NetApp disk to back up to disk solution, you can obtain the usability of 99.999% .

3 raise backup and resumptive rate

Use this solution to be able to help you shorten back up and restore time of 95% above. 2

4 reduce cost

54% what the cost of this solution still is less than congener tape solution. 3

Challenge: Need is complete in backup window appear, shorten restore time

Traditional tape backs up the environment is facing unprecedented challenge. Increase as information content significantly, enterprise or business it is very difficult that the orgnaization already began to realize inside designation time the data that finish backs up, even is the job that finishs impossibly simply. Besides, the pace that data resumes also should catch up with current business rate, however the time that tape restores should cost above of a hour normally; If tape maintains presence elsewhere, the time talent that needs above one day even finishs data to restore, essential short of renews the demand of data inside a minute. And store information at offerring in benefit of the both neither on tape lawsuit supports (be identified not easily) , also not be the safe means that saves sensitive data with clear text form. In view of tape intermediary unreliability and larger administrative expenditure, most orgnaization uses solution of this kind of tape to satisfy the demand for service that increases increasingly almost impossibly.

Come for years, the enterprise issues backup of data of Jiang Jimin feeling to arrive on traditional disk array in tape environment all the time, will rise with this restore to order an end (RPO) and regain time cause (RTO) . But traditional disk cannot undertake easily with existing backup environment to disk solution compositive, and the cost as a result of them is higher recently, its applied limits to also be restricted. Use the orgnaization of tape backup environment to answer now disk of deploy new generation arrives disk solution, otherwise the risk that they will face the demand for service that cannot sustain constant growth.

Solution: Deploy NetAppEconomy disk backs up to disk solution

As economy, efficient model the development of disk storage technology and efficient data management software, you will need to rely on tape and solution of generation disk to came true to data backs up and restore no longer. Heavy complex number drops according to delete and compressing a technology to make disk drive cost flying, data storage is more efficient also, improved the economy that disk backs up significantly thereby. Our disk says to what disk solution has simple and easy sex in industry element, you are accordingly OK now easily deploy and management it.
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