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Three high-flying off data recovery services data recovery shook the industry st
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Fly off, the Chinese data recovery industry, synonymous with technological innovation in China pioneer in data recovery, the Asian leader in data recovery. Flying off since inception in 2004, in a few years time to develop, not only data recovery technology has made great achievements, but also achieved innovations in data recovery services. Flying off since its inception, advocated by the data recovery services three high standards not only won the general customers high praise, but also for data recovery industry peer companies are respected and imitated.

Fly off data recovery center advocates high standards of the following three: a high-quality data recovery service system. Second, the high level of standard data recovery techniques. Three high security classified data recovery process system. Three high standard that is hard to quickly resolve customer data loss, but also can guarantee the security of customer data. The three other high-standard data recovery company can match. Following the principle of seeking truth from facts and details about data recovery center to fly off three high service standards details.

A high-quality data recovery service system.

Flying off to protect customer data safe and effective rapid recovery, the establishment of a complete data recovery service and reasonable process system. Where to fly off to do data recovery center data recovery business customers, will be signed to write three work orders. First, the data recovery work orders, the work of a single hard drive used to record customer information such as: hard disk capacity, hard drive SN number, hard disk interface type, your personal information. These are more effective understanding of the customer hard drive failure causes data loss, help to restore more effective customer specific data on the hard disk is lost. Second, data recovery, confidentiality agreement, the agreement for the protection of customer data security, data recovery center to fly off the duty and responsibility to protect customer data is not compromised, this agreement is flying off the legal expression to fulfill such responsibilities . Flying off since its inception, the successful recovery of data recovery cases more than 400,000, in so many cases, there was a leak did not. Thus, flying off the accuracy of the confidentiality agreement and reasonable. Third, the data recovery agreement, the agreement of the above two items to add some details omitted, making the whole process of data recovery and security system even more perfect. Three work order agreement, witnessed and sound system of the fly-off high-quality data recovery services architecture.

Second, the high level of standard data recovery techniques.

Fly off the level of expression of data recovery techniques data recovery technology throughout China, the front-end level, to a certain extent, represent the forefront of China's high degree of data recovery techniques. Almost occurred in China in every aspect of the breakthrough data recovery is data recovery center in the fly-off R & D department has made, simply list a few pieces of data recovery in the history of China's landmark event.

1 2004 re-RAID5 fly off successfully resolved technical problems, bid farewell to the then national data recovery company can only do PC's data recovery, RAID disk array technology ignorant of the status quo.

2 The year 2004 flying off break HP server RAID5 restructuring technical difficulties, HP RAID5 data and parity information is different from ordinary sort RAID5, no one was concerned about the domestic aspects of HP server, disk array technology.

3 fly off successfully resolved in 2004 in the Linux system, accidentally deleted files, how to fill out by hand under Linux EXT3 file system file system node information (inode data structure) to recover deleted files.

4 In 2004 flying off successfully mastered the Unix system UFSJFS, XFS file system files accidentally deleted, formatted hard disk partition error caused by data loss recovery method, when the domestic Unix data recovery technologies under the blind. Today, most data recovery companies the technology is very strange.

5 fly off in 2005 to develop its own software RAID reorganization of the common types of RAID (RAID0, RAID5, RAID6, RAID5E, RAID5EE, HP RAID5, RAID1) can quickly analyze restructuring. Is the first can be called functional recovery with data recovery software, data recovery software is the second Runtime (U.S.), Winhex (Germany), R_Studi (Canada) Disi Kuan reorganization with RAID functionality of the software.

6 fly off in 2005 set up a special research laboratory database repair, successfully resolving common database file corruption problems. Such as: Sql Server database file attachments, and backup and restore error 823 occurs, Mysql database table record deletion, the entire table error Truncate, by parsing the database log files, 100% of the successful recovery of the failure of these issues. Oracle database files system01.dbf damage caused by the loading process only to mount the database state to the open state can not successfully open the database. IBM DB2, Sybase database, the common failure problems, there are a major breakthrough.

7 in 2010 to fly off successfully resolved VMware virtual machine data recovery technology (VMware virtual machine vmdk grasp the underlying data structure and vmfs repair damaged vmdk file, restart the virtual machine successfully.), Flying off is the first in China have resumed VMware virtual machine data recovery company.

More than a few pieces of data recovery breakthrough technology has witnessed the superb level of passenger flight, it is these high levels of data recovery technology that makes flying off the data recovery success rate of 98%. Some other data recovery companies do not come out successful recovery of data, many of them flying off in the second made a successful recovery. Fly off data recovery center's engineers believe that as long as the customer's data also exists a sector of the hard disk, flying-off engineers have the opportunity to recover from it. It is the belief of these advanced, makes a number of seemingly successful recovery of data can not be successful recovery.

Third, data recovery process secret security tricks

Data recovery security classified security services reflect the form of national classified data recovery is the touchstone of qualification certificates. Currently, the National Information Security Agency issued only two of this Certificate. One of which was awarded to fly off to data recovery center, fly off at different levels classified according to the requirements for different customers established three different levels of classified data recovery standards. Secret-level, confidential level, top-secret level. Three different levels can meet the grade standards, different levels of customer classified requirements. Since the establishment of flying off, secret data recovery success stories have been more than ten thousand, customer types, the Chinese military, government, large enterprise and so on. Flying off secret service has won the high praise.

Fly off data recovery center three high standard of service not only to fly off the technology has greatly improved the level, but also achieved recognition of our customers, flying passengers to data recovery in China's competitive market, outstanding incentives, thriving.

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