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On the computer maintenance Supermarket data recoverybehind the secret
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For the common deletion and formatting errors, Computer maintenance supermarket may also ease of maintenance personnel to resolve, but if encountered server data recovery, data recovery database that case, computer maintenance to catch up a supermarket. Because this piece of sky is data recovery company, it needs high-end data recovery equipment and a solid understanding of the basis of data recovery. Here we look at these computer maintenance Supermarket "data recovery" behind the secret ... ... 【A】 case of a large petrochemical enterprises in Chengdu HP DL3850 servers using four Seagate scsi 73g hard disk formed RAID0, 1 号 hard drive damage, the customer is the description of a normal disk self-test business, the SCSI card to identify the model , but no capacity. This failure can PC3K FOR SCSI and SCSI TOOLBOXP with the solution. The results of the customer to find a computer repair supermarket, the supermarket claims to senior data recovery engineer to mistakenly judged as the head is damaged, replace the hard drive and open the head, the result for the N-head is still fault conditions. Desperation, hoping against hope to find a customer and information data recovery center. Verify by the Engineer: The hard disk has been completely destroyed, even the disc have been taken over, have no possibility to recover data. You know why? Seagate hard drive data recovery server technology and general PC, hard drive data recovery technology is not a level. Supermarket and the computer repair people who are in accordance with the maintenance of normal PC hard drive method used in the column on the case, not only does not solve the problem, but just the opposite, let the problem escalate. In accordance with the principle RAID0, damage a hard drive can not recover data. No matter how much time to spend, how much of the technology, and more magic equipment, are absolutely impossible to recover 100% of the. This true case is a typical "computer repair supermarket" should do. Case II】 【Chengdu, a pharmaceutical company in the use of UF financial software, using the sql server2000 database. The database is accidentally deleted due to financial operators. To solve the problem, the customer to find a computer repair supermarket, supermarkets, data recovery engineer with the market master, R-Studio, a lot of websites to download pirated software can restore the database file is not cow horses mouth lip. After this case was the letter data recovery center in Chengdu and debris through the reorganization, successful recovery. 】 【Case III a hospital in Chengdu, using the model established RAID5 +1 RAID, a total of six disks, there are two disk severe physical damage. RAID data recovery case that requires only four disks can be successfully resumed. However, the supermarket's computer technicians do not understand RAID knowledge, but tell the customer must be opened to recover, and finally opened in Chengdu and the letter failed to find data recovery company and let the engineers almost to tears, and the letter is four disks is enough, why open? Computer supermarket experience some people hear the hilarious recovery. In fact, it is easy to judge these players cottage, even how they will not attach the database. Sometimes, not just misplaced quack delayed condition, it may also be adversely affected their lives. Therefore, the data recovery also go to professional maintenance company.
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