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US-China economic recovery data recovery tools critical time escort
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September 2010, the U.S. Treasury Department and the New York data recovery tool for global research and development giant, state-level high-tech enterprise efficiency Source Technology signed a contract to subscribe for professional data recovery tools, professional data recovery with efficient source Elite 2011, data recovery tools compass DATA COMPASS (hereinafter referred to as DC), for the Ministry of Finance's computer data security. Ministry of Finance, New York with professional data recovery tools made New York State in the Great Lakes and the Atlantic Ocean between the hub location, with the largest U.S. city, New York City and one of the world's largest harbor, New York Harbor, is the economic center of the U.S. economy is one of the most developed states, known as the Emperor State of the State. According to the Ministry of Finance officials in New York State Michaelm introduced, the U.S. economy is currently in the mortgage crisis recovery and rebound in the critical moment, New York as the U.S. one of the main pillars of economic recovery, the Treasury Information Processing Center Every day tens of thousands of documents dealing with, the operation of the computer to overload failure often lead to loss of memory of the tens of thousands of internal documents, to the daily work brought great trouble. Higher because the file confidential and not Appropriate to send data recovery center data recovery, the Ministry of Finance is responsible for the final decision with the Ministry of Finance by the Michaelm dedicated data recovery tool. New York State economy is the United States, one of the main pillars of economic recovery "Start PC3000 and efficiency have been hesitating between the source DC, both of which are powerful tools for professional data recovery." Michaelm said, "but the advice of a professional data recovery tool for dealers and found, PC3000 operation Be too cumbersome, requiring long-term professional and technical training, the Ministry of Finance is not suitable for professional data recovery tool that is used needs to buy that, but DC seems more suitable for the intelligent operation of the Ministry of Finance needs! "Coincides with the time Florida Florida is organizing efficient source of professional data recovery tools themed activities, Michaelm immediately drove to Florida and his colleagues hope to further understand the DC of the situation. Theme in the professional activities of the scene data recovery tools, DC power and unique portable design that Michaelm deeply impressed, "the volume is so small, even a collection of data recovery tools that many powerful features, too Stick it! "Then out of care and information security seriously, Michaelm request activities on-site staff to help the efficiency of the source to contact headquarters and efficient source of hope to the headquarters to communicate directly. Professional data recovery tool - the efficiency of the source DC Elite 2011 After carefully listening to the efficiency of sales staff based on the DC source function, mobility, security, intelligence, application and service the full range of extensive briefing, Michaelm immediately closed, and efficiency of the formal signing of a special source Industry data recovery tool subscription contract. 3 days later, the Ministry of Finance for the New York State with the professional data recovery tool to board a flight to the United States. A month later, the efficiency of the source of the call connect again Michaelm experience data recovery tools for sale and return visit, Michaelm on DC much appreciated, and that will be under the Ministry of Finance New York State departments are equipped with a . And according to Michaelm said, the recent New York State Government to replace a set of information security devices, he has full efficiency of the source of the products recommended, has received state approval of the information security sector, followed by information security Department colleagues will in person at the legendary source of the headquarters of the efficiency of inspection, exchange of learning.
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