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Expert blog: some common data recovery cases
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Misuse led to advanced data recovery after formatting partitions in the DOS era there is a very good tool called UnFormat, it can be restored by the Format command to remove the disk. If the user is using the Format command in DOS, mistakenly formatted a partition, then it does not prevent the use of the command to try. However, the local hard disk and can recover only UnFormat software drivers, it can not restore the network drive. In addition to the above anti-UnFormat command formatting, it can also repair and re-establishment of the damage on the hard drive partition table. But the current UnFormat to restore formatted partition method is not so useful, we can use a variety of data recovery software to recover, such as Norton, Easyrecovery, and Finaldata2.0 other recovery software can be easily carried out data recovery work. * Zero-track hard disk data recovery damaged master boot record area (MBR) on the zero track. MBR in the hard disk cylinder 0 track 0 sector 1, which kept the hard disk master boot program and partition table. In total 512 bytes of hard disk master boot record sector, the 446-byte hard disk master boot program is 64 bytes belong to the hard disk partition table (DPT), two bytes (55 AA) is the end partition flag. Zero track, once damaged, will the hard disk master boot program and partition table information will be seriously damaged, leading to the hard disk can not boot. Track 0 bad judgments: the system self-test pass, but the startup disk directory partition loss or loss of C, a regular hard drive, "creak ... creak ..." and seek sound, run SCANDISK scan C drive, there in the first cluster a red "B", or Fdisk can not find the hard disk, DM died on Track 0, and zero track damage that such a situation! Damage on track is one of the hard disk bad sectors, but because of its location is too important, so once destroyed, it will have serious consequences. If the Track 0 damage, according to the current general approach is to not make a complete recovery of data, usually the hard disk 0 track damaged, can Disk Editor PCTOOLS the DE (or DiskMan) to make the deflection of a sector of track 0, the use of a track to track to be used as a 0. The data can be Easyrecovery to be restored in accordance with the cluster, but the data is not guaranteed to be fully restored. * Partition table data recovery damaged hard disk master boot record (MBR) sector where the focus of attacks where the virus is through the destruction of the master boot sector of the DPT (partition table), you can easily damage the hard disk partition information, to the purpose of data destruction. Damage to the partition table is damaged partition data record is destroyed. Therefore, it can use the software to fix. Typically, the hard disk partition, backup partition table to a floppy disk, CD-ROM drive or removable storage activities is extremely wise. This respect, the domestic famous Rising antivirus KV3000 series and offer a complete solution. However, there is no backup disk partition table, although KV3000 also provide the corresponding fix, but the success rate is relatively low. In the recovery partition, the famous NDD Norton Disk Doctor is definitely a strong tool that can automatically repair partition loss, etc., can save the data in the floppy disk bad area, forced to read out the blank after the move to other sectors. This is purely a tool under DOS. Hard disk crash or unusual circumstances, it may bring the user to hope. In the event of problems, with the boot disk, run the NDD, select Diagnose diagnosis. NDD full scan on the hard drive, if there is an error, it will suggest to you, then just follow the prompts to select the repair, it can easily get to these issues. The operating system, there NDD32 graphical interface lets you do more with less. In addition, the Chinese Disk Utility is in this regard DiskMan experts in. Reconstruction of the partition table as it is a very useful feature, very suitable to repair damaged partition table. The partition table has been partitioned to adjust the software (or virus) severely damaged, causing paralysis of the hard disk and the system, DiskMan can not destroy the partition boot record of information re-create the partition table. In the toolbar menu select "Rebuild Partition Table", DiskMan began to search for and re-partition. DiskMan will first search for head 0, cylinder 0 hidden from the beginning of sector 2 sector, looking for the virus moving through the partition table. Then search for the first sector of each head. Search process can be used "automatic" or "interactive" in two ways. Automatic discovery of each partition reserved for most situations. Interactive way that each partition is given prompts by the user to choose whether to retain. When the automatic renewal of the partition table is incorrect, you can interactively search again. However, note that the function can not rebuild partition table repair partition table do one hundred percent. This also explains the world and there is no free lunch, or need to pay attention to protect their hard drive, try to avoid hardware damage and viruses, so we asked to back up the partition table. * Accidentally deleted data recovery after the use of such process is the most common computer data recovery, accidentally deleted files usually do not again write to other files within the zone, so that 100% data restore is possible. When you execute the delete command, the computer is only the file directory entry byte 0 to E5, and documents in the file share cluster number of registered entries in the partition table is cleared, said free space. Format, the computer is only the root directory area cleared. As with the formatting removed only in the root directory name, file name or to do some hands and feet, for the data portion of the file did not move, so give file recovery possible. Use of some anti remove software, even beginners can easily file recovery work. General anti remove software works by the control recovery partition table file format error recovery method with the deletion of essentially the same, as long as there is no partition with Fdisk command to disrupt the hard disk, occupied by the recovered files to the cluster is not occupied by other files , so that most of the data before formatting can still be restored. If your Windows system can be used normally, the most simple recovery method is to use Windows version of EasyRecovery software, hard disk data recovery function which is very powerful, not only to restore the files removed from the Recycle Bin, but also to restore formatted FAT16, FAT32 or NTFS partition files. The software is simple to use, unzip installed, run EasyRecovery, the main interface appears. Including the four function buttons on the left and two software support button, the disk can help us diagnose potential hardware failure test, monitor and report on potential drive failure, view the details of drive space used, IDE hard drive jumper settings, and analysis of file structure and create bootable diagnostic disk. This 6 function buttons, for the hard disk for data recovery, data recovery option provides the function is what we need most. We can see EasyRecovery Professional provides a variety of data recovery options. These include: use the advanced options to customize data recovery capabilities, find and recover deleted files from a formatted volume to recover files, without any file system structural information has been to restore the data recovery software can save the progress and create emergency boot floppy disk bootable. Now select the advanced options to customize our data recovery capabilities for data recovery operations, after scanning the system will display information on the disk drive EasyRecovery Professional will automatically scan time partition, and then more files will display information for all, including the currently existing and the file has been deleted. EasyRecovery successfully recovered the missing files. Use Finaldata 2.0 is also very simple to recover data, the following is used to recover accidentally deleted Finaldata 2.0 1.txt document. O exist in the original data files under the root directory. Double-click Finaldata 2.0 icon to open the main interface. Click on the file select Open option, then select the target letter O plate. Start the search, because Finaldata 2.0 special design, making search data very fast. Search finished, there are many options left, respectively, the data in the partition are classified, in the root directory, we can see the system to search out 1.txt file, just select the file right click on to complete recovery data recovery, recover data that simple fact. Select the missing file, we can see Finaldata 2.0 to missing documents were classified and marked in the cluster, and to help us find the lost data. For example, we select the AVI file in the right side of the interface shows two AVI files, and it has been identified as corrupted files, indicating that the data file can not be restored. Finaldata 2.0 provides a special destination folder protection. It provides a similar function of Norton UnErase Wizard, you can specify a folder to save space allocated must delete the file, so that we can facilitate rapid data recovery, and do not care whether you want to scan through the disk for data restore. Loss of data if the user has installed Norton Utilities before or Norton UnErase Wizard tool, then data recovery will be easy, such as Fan Zhang. After installing Norton UnErase Wizard, Recycle Bin will appear on a blue shield icon. For example, we delete a text file bbbbbbbbbb.txt and empty the Recycle Bin, this time in the operating system to use the Norton UnErase Wizard can easily recover the file. Double-click the Recycle Bin icon on the file has been deleted can search we can see the bbbbbbbbbb.txt have deleted files can be restored by clicking the Recover. Recovery described above is a simple way, by opening the main interface of the Norton Utilities Find and Fix Problems Zhong's UnErase Wizard Xuanxiang the average user to find the missing file, most are available through the above method of recovery, but sometimes you will find that Use the tools described above still can not find the missing file, this is why? this principle to explain from the disk, the disk space is allocated in units of clusters. Cluster is due to a disk file system allocation, release, read out the smallest unit of space, even if only one byte file must occupy a whole cluster of disk storage space. Usually when we write to the disk file, the file on the disk that is occupied by a certain number of clusters, when removed from the file on the disk, the disk to release a certain number of clusters, at this time if the use of software to recover deleted files , then the file is most likely to recover. If you delete a file on the disk followed by a write operation, the new files may overwrite the deleted file was originally occupied by the clusters, then the file can not be restored successfully. Data Recovery Note: 1, the file is missing, do not write again the partition or disk information, delete the file that has just been the most likely to be restored. 2, small files than large files more easily restored. 3, before the resumption of millions do not use Disk Defragmenter function, or data recovery will greatly reduce the probability of success. Also try not to use the Fdisk program, otherwise you will cause great difficulties recovery. 4, there is enough free hard disk space or add new information to prepare for resume writing. 1 hard disk data and hardware protection. Hard disk protection card: Hard disk drive protection card, also known as reduction of cards, a complete computer data protection solution the best solution. It as an expansion card slot installed on your computer, from hardware to achieve the level of the data on the hard disk protection and recovery. The advantage is you can instantly restore a variety of intentional or unintentional loss of data resulting from operations. Hard Disk Protection Card features: Do not take up hard disk space, restore the damaged data instantly, easy to use, comprehensive protection for computer parameters / set security. 2. Data Protection Software: Some motherboards have provided hard data protection features, such as Jetway's "Data Recovery Wizard," and Legend QDI "Aegis Protection System", in this case we introduce later this software on the hard disk data protection methods. Aegis (RecoveryEasy) Legend QDI motherboard is the latest hard disk data protection technology. Motherboard using the technology to back up, and immediately restore hard disk data protection, to prevent loss of important information. In addition, the Aegis can also protect and restore the CMOS data. Because Aegis is built in the BIOS, as long as the computer boot steps into the BIOS, you can immediately enter the Aegis interface, users can choose whether or not it backup. Aegis traditional than the current card is more advanced rescue. The traditional relief on a PCI card slot on the general or modem, it may not compatible with the motherboard. When the rescue card installed, the corresponding parameter settings to work, the software must be upgraded if the upgrade ROM. In addition, the quality and maintenance of the hardware will become complicated. But the Aegis is built in the Bios, not only it is one hundred percent compatible, and do not install any software or hardware, you can also upgrade the Bios upgrade automatically. And will not result in additional hardware, the quality and maintenance problems. As the traditional rescue procedures and parameters are part of the card there is the hard drive, so if the hard disk damaged by a virus or other reasons, the role of rescue card will be lost. However, there is a strong Aegis anti-virus feature, it can back up any viruses are kept in outside. Legend QDI's invincible together with lock function, Aegis can prevent the virus attacks. And, unlike the general relief card can only protect a hard drive, Aegis (RecoveryEasy) can protect up to four hard drives. Jetway motherboard recovery wizard also used a similar technique is also very popular with computer enthusiasts like it. Aegis recovery wizard with the only drawback is that it needs to take some hard disk space. RecoveryEasy II than RecoveryEasy streamlined interface, hotkey access, backup and restore a few simple options, at a glance, easier to use, more suitable for ordinary users. It uses the ATA-5 and beyond specification "Host Protected Area" function, divided into high-end disk storage area for backup data protection, from the hardware level to ensure data security. No user designated backup area the size of backup data in light of the current hard disk space actually occupied by the size of the high-end hard disk automatically by the corresponding size of the area as a backup area, automatically change the hard drive partition, more economical use of hard disk space is RecoveryEasy II significantly improved.
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