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RAID rebuild failure - fly off Firewire rescue data recovery
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Disk array is currently the most domestic applications, the most extensive coverage of enterprise storage servers, up 90% of domestic companies have their own servers, and stores the most important company data, most enterprises used for file upload, the site operation, sharing internal information, maintenance of office systems and so on. But speaking for the maintenance of these servers, IT managers face on a daily basis is not very familiar with the disk array, even for a very low sensitivity of the data, so we need professional data recovery company for its formal escort. Since 2000, data recovery technologies introduced into China from Europe and America since the region had the birth of thousands of data recovery companies in Beijing alone there are many thousands. Beijing technologically advanced data recovery, data recovery service flow system has also improved compared with other regions. Can also be argued that in China almost every data recovery breakthrough is in Beijing to obtain the data recovery company's. The fly-off data recovery and as the leader among thousands of companies, but also data recovery technology, wind vane, is the umbrella of these disk array server! Editor learned from the Beijing headquarters, December 6 Monday morning, the headquarters of the server engineer received a call from a state-owned enterprises in Northeast for help, a large storage-type server to its knees, the whole unit into a rescue team which data. When the time had come to Beijing after a server engineer is a series of operation, before finally seeking data recovery. This server is a Seagate 750GB hard drive 10 consisting of RAID5 disk array, which is a hot spare disk, the actual disk array is 9 hard disk storage space to 6TB, mainly in the SQL database data, OA systems, and site composition . It is understood the unit, all data are not lost, if once lost, can be described as facing the devastating! Flying off the headquarters of the first master server engineers can get on the current situation: RAID which has two hard drives dropped, bright yellow, and one of the drives have been dropped before the case, the damage after the remote server vendors Engineer to do a rebuild operation on the disk array, because in the past similar circumstances, are in accordance with this procedure is performed, so experience in guiding the reconstruction of the engineer again, but dropped the case for the two disks is the first time, the end result is to rebuild failed server is completely paralyzed. For the case of failure of this reconstruction, the headquarters of many years of flying experience in customer decision, part of the underlying code must be damaged or lost, and under normal circumstances vary. But why have a big piece of regular dropped it? Why two disks at this time also dropped it? These are unknown. So flying off the server engineers dropped the first two pieces of plate to do hardware detection, detection tool is displayed in a professional, there is often a lot of dropped calls for a big piece of bad sectors, the other big piece of firmware is damaged areas! At this point these two pieces of hardware engineers immediately to disk by the line of treatment, two hours later, all the problems have been resolved, two had complete damage to the hard disk cloning to better prepare in advance to fly off the plate. Then there is the virtual server re-engineer, after checking the test, the majority can, but has damaged the front part of the more serious, but not beat this problem is the failure of engineers to fly off, as this problem has been dealt with many times, is technically fully capable of it! After three hours of finishing, the directory structure has been able to clearly show the front of the engineers, the next step is data extraction, for some small companies in terms of, 6TB of data is difficult to be able to stand, but for flying off the Beijing headquarters speaking, two years ago, has been equipped with 8TB of mass storage devices, this data is not a problem. Extracted by two days and two nights, finally complete extraction of all the data out. Authenticated, all data is fully met the original state before the damage, on-line test, everything passed! In this case, we can know that the disk array to force on-line, rebuild, synchronization, etc, are an array of information on the arrangements or normal use, not to consider the customer's data, so these operations for server management must be careful! Although Beijing has a super fly off the server based data recovery technology, but also in part the relative can not be solved, so in order to take into account the user's data, we must first through professional guidance, and then the next operation. Experts advise: If your server disk array problems, do not force the disk arrays on the line, not on the RAID array Rebuild (reconstruction), consistency checking, to prevent secondary damage to the data. Before doing anything, you may want to consult a data recovery center to fly off the engineers in order to prevent data disasters. Fly off the server data recovery center in a large RAID disk array technology is a leading, RAID6 recovery technology is leading in the Asian region.
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