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Hardware breakdown data restores to reach open quotation data to restore
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Hardware breakdown data restores is to point to memory to the hardware of medium produced breakdown and cannot read access to occupy normally, attaint of breakdown of the circuit outside basically having, firmware, inside area of bad fan of breakdown of circuit breakdown, magnetic head component, physics. The means of settlement basically has maintained corresponding breakdown namely, if be inside circuit or breakdown of magnetic head component, need to back up data as soon as possible.

Open quotation data restores is a kind of when data of breakdown of hard disk physics restores special situation. The any component when component of hard disk interior (coil of circuit of arm of group of magnetic head, preamplifier, news, drive, drive arm, drive) when attaint, ageing or deflection, will bring about hard disk to cannot identify normally, average performance is: Have it is normal that apparent abnormal knocking, motor does not turn or everything is behaved but do not admit dish.

1, breakdown of road of dispatches from foreign news agency:

Breakdown of road of dispatches from foreign news agency is the surface that shows memory medium is like hard disk the phenomenon such as the occurrence short circuit such as the chip on circuit board, safe, circuit, puncture, burn down, cause hard disk cannot electrify or start. This kind of problem detects rise very simple, the engineer that has experience can have accurate judgement inside 10 seconds, have trouble removal quickly. If this kind of problem is not BIOS chip be destroyed, the success that data restores is led almost 100 percent. If BIOS chip is destroyed, the medium that needs to be the same as model with batch serves as spare parts, cooperate chip to edit a tool to have repair.

2, firmware attaint:

Firmware (firmware) it is solidify the software in hardware, memory is worn the parameter with the basiccest equipment of the hardware in all of computer science department, offer the the most rock-bottom, directest hardware control for the system. In switch on the mobile phone in the process, carry out firmware to finish the initialization of pair of hardware equipment above all, make the operating system can identify what hardware is other software correctly to move provide the basiccest basis. If firmware damaged, hard disk appears possibly not to identify, the phenomenon such as inadequacy of abnormal knocking, power supply, sometimes the breakdown phenomenon that firmware damages follows very easily inside circuit breakdown or confuse of interblend of magnetic head attaint, the engineer that this wants to have experience very much detects ability differentiates. The user is in the breakdown that encountering abnormal knocking problem to believe very easily is the magnetic head inside hard disk, and having a lot of time actually is firmware breakdown however, be received probably more many charge. The means of settlement that firmware damages basically is to use hard disk firmware to edit a tool to have repair, the Russia hardware tool such as use PC3000, HRT writes good firmware breakdown dish, undertake correction to its. This is a complex process, must the engineer that has experience is finished, otherwise likely data clear sky. The user is in when encountering this kind of problem, best many dozens a few phones undertake advisory, decide where to be again after the experience that knows an engineer repair.
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