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The in-house world that hard disk open quotation views a structure (2)
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Hard disk dish piece

Hard disk is in the action in computer system basically is to use memory data, and data is final it is to deposit in hard disk dish piece go up (graph5) , and the other part of hard disk serves for its. Hard disk dish piece use hard alloy to make commonly, apparently was gotten on by besmear magnetic material, carry magnetic head read write, data logging amid. As a result of dish piece high speed wants to rotate in hard disk, so of hard disk dish a surface is very slick, and wear-resisting is spent very tall, make for aluminium alloy more, IBMWait for a company to also had used other data to make dish piece, wait like glassy material. Normally a hard disk by a certain number of piece dish an overlay and into, at present a piece dish piece odd dish capacity has been achieved breathtaking133GB, and total capacity is as high as400GB.

Hard disk dish piece because need high speed movement, it is sealed normally in hard disk, right now if have dirt or petty sundry touch in dish piece on, will cause massive harm to hard disk, so we do not want privately to disassemble absolutely in good condition hard disk.

Hard disk magnetic head
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