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The in-house world that hard disk open quotation views a structure (one)
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In computer system, hard disk is acting the laborer about of unknown to public all the time, everybody is paid attention to very much all the timeCPUspeed, advocate board the frequency of function, memory, performance that shows clip, spend overmuch time on hard disk rarely however. Actually, the knowledge in hard disk is true still many. If everybody is planning,oneself start work assemble a computer, want to choose a good hard disk that suits oneself again, so read the article carefully please, you can become expert of a hard disk.

   The composition of hard disk

Above all, we will treat the external form of hard disk. Hard disk and memory, CPUDifferent, hard disk is weighed in the hand there is kind of thick and heavy feeling on the hand. The information such as the type that there can be this hard disk in the front of hard disk, capacity (graph
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