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Hard disk data renews a strategy
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Hard disk is computer epochmaking one part, all data and data can protect existence hard disk in, once hard disk appears mistake, the loss that counts the loss that occupy to be able to discard as useless than whole computer sometimes is even big. Nevertheless, as one of hardware of computer, a lot of people always think hard disk damages not easily easily, once bad the case that cannot start namely, return somebody to think bad way identifies very easily, discovered with what the software of doctor and so on repaired disk to go, or else travel is low case! Hard disk is actually bad path, can call the deadly injury of hard disk almost. Author experience passes a lot of because of opportunity of incur loss through delay, oneself are repaired with all sorts of software in disorder, make so big hard disk into the example of a scrap iron finally.

Repair hard disk bad line

Bad to logic path, WeCan repair, to physical bad path, we should use the method of segregation, reduce a loss with the oldest rate, prevent bad path to diffuse further for the target. I had seen some people are blown on newspaper say to use a certain special software to be able to repair physical bad line, the awfullest is a lot of people the superstition to low standard hard disk, it is really by accident the person's language. Alleged and elementary format is changed, those who point to is blank disk differentiates a cylinder and track, differentiate the track again next for a certain number of fan area, every fan area differentiates again GAP of a label part ID, removed area and data division DATA. Elementary format is changed can finish below DOS environment only, and can be aimed at — only piece hard disk and cannot support alone certain partition. A little bad track and bad fan area can be changed through elementary format come repair, but cannot have repair to cut of real physics of surface of hard disk disk, this passes all sorts of method line out only the position of bad fan area, so that let an operating system be not used, lengthen hard disk to use then with preventing to enlarge bad path. Want to emphasize particularly, elementary format is changed is operation of sex of a kind of loss, have certain negative effect to the life of hard disk, so, if not have necessary, user people do not want elementary format to change hard disk as far as possible.

Bad to logic path, the tool that usually we take oneself with the operating system and tools of a few special hard disk examination can discover and repair. Be like: The course of Scandisk disk scanning that Windows takes oneself discovers the tool with bad the most commonly used path of hard disk logic namely, and our common Format command cannot arrive since bad to any hard disk path repair action, this bit of everybody should understand. We can fall in Windows system environment, the hard disk that in “ the pitch on in my computer ” should handle dish accord with, choose ” of its “ attribute, “ chooses to check poor condition ” in pushbutton of occurrence “ tool ” , be chosen in ” of “ scanning type again “ checks ” in the round, hit ” of mistake of “ automatic rehabilitate “ to tick off ” , next “ begins ” can. If the system is in,already cannot enter Windows system, after we also can use floppy disk or CD starts Pan Qi to use computer, fall in dish of corresponding accord with, be like “A: ” issues moving Scandisk * : (Note: The hard disk that * scans to want dish accord with) , carriage return scans to corresponding need later the hard disk partition of repair undertakes repairing.
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