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The in-house world that hard disk open quotation views a structure (3)
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PCBCircuit motherboard

In the opposite of hard disk, it isPCBCircuit board (graph8) , there are a lot of chips and discrete element above, pass these yuan of parts of an apparatus, we just can control magnetic head of dish of a roll, control read the data that keeps us to need to go out through receiving oral instruction to give. On the motherboard of hard disk, our need attention compares important chip 3 times among them, they are respectively:

The main control chip of hard disk. This chip is on whole motherboard piece the head is the biggest, square figure, basically be in charge of data switch and data processing.

Cache chip. Around main control chip, can have the chip of a rectangle, the chip that this kind of chip and memory use is about the same, what basically be in charge of here is to give data to offer of short duration to put a space, raise hard disk read write efficiency. At present the cache chip capacity of mainstream hard disk has2MBAnd8MB, the biggest achieve16MB, cache size is larger, hard disk performance is better.
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