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Skill of rehabilitate of a few hard disk
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Hint to appearing the hard disk of mistake of “HDD Controller Error” , because some kind of reason causes hard disk,be mostly advocate guide a record (the file on MBR) is damaged. MBR is located in 0 magnetic head / 0 cylinder / on an area, divide zone time to generate to hard disk by Fdisk.exe. If MBR is damaged, HDD Controller Error of small opportunity clew, it is attaint of the file on 0 tracks actually, at this moment the format is changed was not to solve a problem, must be handled with special software. Use a system above all dish after A Pan Qi is moved, moving Scandisk command checks C dish.
If 0 tracks did not damage, the file repair that needs to use Norton8.0 to get on this track only can. Particular way is: Look for the one buy inside the stage hard disk and wait for norms of model of long hard disk identical and the computer of Norton8.0 edition software, will wait for long hard disk and hard disk power supply cord to join, but hard disk line is not received, jump the line is changeless.
Disk Edit command moves after ① switchs on the mobile phone, take CONFIGURATION from menu Tools midpoint, read Only cancel;
② from next pulling Driver is chosen in menu O-biect, hard Disk type the setting is Physical Disk, click OK affirmatory;
③ chooses Partition Table from inside Ob-ject menu, will receive the line on in good condition hard disk to unplug below, receive wait for long hard disk to go up, click OK affirmatory;
④ choice Hard Disk1 clicks OK affirmatory, install respectively from Cylinder of lieutenant general of dialog box of Write Ob-ject To Physical Sectors, Side, Sector again 0, 0, attacked OK at 1 o'clock affirmatory. Choose Yes when occurrence Warning dialog box. Exit Norton software, such hard disk advocate guide information to restore. The hard disk after restarting returns to normal, the file inside former hard disk also won't be lost.
Be like the hard disk that 0 tracks damage, still use Norton8.0 software processing by afore-mentioned measure first, just arrived when the 3rd pace, install Cylinder, Side, Sector respectively 1, 0, attacked OK at 1 o'clock affirmatory. Choose Yes when occurrence Warning dialog box. Exit Norton software, start the computer afresh, in BIOS setting hard disk detects automatically can see in one column, CYLS numerical value reduced 1. It is like original CYLS 2112, turn into 2111. Showing partition of former hard disk to express is from C dish 0 cylinder begin, begin from 1 cylinder now. After saving BIOS to install, exit. The hard disk after new partition, format is changed returns to normal. Have a few hard disk additionally, “HDD Controller Error” of the clew when self check. Use above method processing to disable, can discard as useless only.

Above is an article that I find on the net, consult for everybody study

Reality is actually medium, I ever had tried systematic search to be less than hard disk, I am at that time undertake discharging checking with the following method
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