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Hard disk occurrence breakdown is not alarmed
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Everybody knows the value of hard disk, without hard disk, The computerBecame waste material. Before paragraph my hard disk does not tell time why bad. Listen to sound to creak creak rings. That cries at that time! Tear follows like raining.
Should know me this hard disk can be my baby, a lot of important data were collected inside, bilk the manuscript with living especially! Because have important data cannot direct go off with is repaired (guarantee period inside) , so I myself can start work first only rescue data.

The author looks surely definitely above all in BIOS whether find hard disk (in switch on the mobile phone detect when self check be less than hard disk) , by Del key enters BIOS smoothly, did not discover in IDE equipment hard disk number shows. Satisfy not reconciled to, it is then in 4 IDE equipment (already got off CD driver join, because had appeared,CD driver and IDE join breakdown bring about hard disk to cannot read extraction case) undertake searching by Enter. The course awaits endlessly, find hard disk eventually. Before exiting BIOS, the order that start instead is started from CD above all, soft drive take second place, save exit. Close machine, join good CD driver (hard disk and CD driver are in line of same root data, had installed advocate dish from dish) , fine canvass looks in hand of park of the hard disk below reassume.

The data needle place that discovers hard disk has trifling dirt, wipe with napkin gentleness (dirt brings about hard disk data possibly also sutural with data line contact undesirable, bring about thereby cannot find hard disk) . Take out blow balloon and brush to brush pair of hard disk PCB board and chip undertook removing dust maintenance, discontinuity causes the fountainhead of breakdown by dirt. After all these is finished, receive hard disk to give priority to dish, switch on the mobile phone. Still creak creaks noisy, self check did not discover hard disk, the system begins to come by CD guiding CD menu interface (author CD is he burns the tool of the collection dish, compositive all sorts of DOSThe tool below versionSoftware) . The author decides the Diskman that start tries to be able to be denied find hard disk (if partition expresses a mistake, diskman but automatic rehabilitate withholds data) , diskman shows hard disk was not installed, reuse Partitiom Magic 6.0(is then divisional charmer) , appear such clew: Hard disk mistake, cannot continue. Use clew of Ghost result occurrence Error next, and should restore a tool with data of Easyrecover(hard disk) when after was being searched for a long time, operation interface shows only find soft drive, appear to cannot find hard disk really. In this process, creak creaks noise continues, the author is frightened so that risk abnormal sweating due to general debility continuously.
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