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Of hard disk hard breakdown " bad path " repair
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So called hard breakdown namely breakdown of sex of hard disk physics, it is the mechanical spare parts as a result of hard disk or electron yuan sex of physics of parts of an apparatus damages and cause. The hard breakdown with common hard disk is to appear bad to, among them mostSeriousspecial case expression damages for 0 tracks.
   WeThe bad way that knows hard disk is divided again for bad path of logic bad path and physics. The logic bad path of hard disk is logic breakdown, be operated for software normally or use undeserved cause, can use software direct perhaps high standard can repair; The physical bad path of hard disk is physical sex breakdown, the hard disk track that makes clear you produced physical loss, it is to cannot use software high perhaps standard comes of repair, can be solved only through change or obscuring area of hard disk fan.

Logic bad way is not old to hard disk influence, the good to doing person that back up, it is reshipment system only at mostJust. And physical bad method is different, have “ infectivity ” , once discover physical bad path states your hard disk has serious quality problem or hard disk life was gotten on for, answer to do good backup rapidlyThe job, in order to avoid the loss of valuable data.

Saying is so say, nevertheless hard disk bad path is the recessive breakdown of computer, very difficult intuitionistic judgement. Actually, we perhaps duplicate in moving program file when, often appear mistake or a file is read take for a long time, and a little abnormal when hard disk moves noise, discover such circumstances we should take a heart, preparation does work of backup of good hard disk. When our Format (high standard) hard disk moment, stop not before sign up for a fault to cannot be finished next, to hard disk executive FDISK moment cannot undertake successful, such we decide hard disk appears bad to.

To the physical bad path that hard disk appears, be afraid of have “ infectivity ” at its, so we want to sole branch is an area and conceal its, let magnetic head read it no longer, the hard disk that can make you on certain level so
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