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Data of breakdown hard disk renews whole strategy
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To save the data in hard disk effectively, besides regular the ground undertakes backupThe jobBeyond, learn to be when hard disk occurrence breakdown even how hard disk of bring back to life, perhaps give useful data from the extraction in bad section, fall the loss to the smallest degree.

The system does not identify hard disk

The system cannot be started from hard disk, move from A Pan Qi also cannot enter C dish, in use CMOS monitor automaticallyFunctionAlso cannot discover the existence of hard disk. This kind of breakdown appears on join cable or IDE port mostly, the possibility of breakdown of hard disk itself is not large, can receive hard disk cable to perhaps change through be being inserted afresh IDE mouth and cable undertake replacing an experiment, with respect to the place that can discover fault very quickly. If receive the hard disk that go up newly to also be not accepted, a common cause is the principal and subordinate on hard disk jumps line, if facility of two hard disk is received on line of an IDE hard disk, be about to distinguish Hunan principal and subordinate to concern.

The trouble that CMOS causes

Use what the hard disk type in CMOS affected hard disk correctly directly normally. Present machine supports “IDE Auto

The function of Detect” , can detect automatically the type of hard disk. When mistake of hard disk type, sometimes flat cannot start a system, can start sometimes, but can happen read clerical error by accident. For instance the hard disk type in CMOS is less than actual hard disk size, criterion the fan area at the back of hard disk will not be read write, if be much more divisional condition,individual partition will be lost. Still have a main breakdown reason, as a result ofCurrentIDE backs logistic parameter kind, hard disk can use “Normal, LBA, large” , if data was installed below general pattern, and the mode in other of the instead in CMOS, meet those who produce hard disk read write wrong breakdown, because of its map relation has been changed, will not read take place of original correct hard disk.
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