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RAID technology is simple and easy explain
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RAID represents Redundant Array Of Inexpensive (or Independent) Drive. The advantage of RAID depends on 3 respects can using a sex (Availability) , capacity (Capacity) and function (Performance) . Use RAID technology to basically have at the advantage of storage system the following 3 kinds

1, coil through regarding a logic as many disk organization together offer disk to span function
2, become many data through distributing data piece (Block) collateral write / numerate the speed that many disk visit disk with rising
3, provide fault tolerance capability through mirror or desired result operation

According to actual condition choice appropriate RAID level can satisfy an user to be opposite the requirement of storage system usability, function and capacity. Commonly used RAID level has the following kinds: NRAID, JBOD, RAID0, RAID1, RAID0 1, RAID3, RAID5. To improve dependability and performance, often use RAID5 and RAID (0 1) . The principle with brief respective introduction and characteristic part below:

NRAID namely Non-RAID, the capacity group of all disk synthesizes a logic dish, occupy a cent without number (No Block Stripping) . NRAID does not provide data redundant. Requirement a disk.

JBOD represents Just A Bunch Of Drives, disk controller regards every physics disk independent disk, the logic that because every disk is,becomes independent dish. JBOD also does not provide data redundant. Requirement a disk.

RAID0 namely Data Stripping data divides a technology. Whole logic dish data is to be divided (Stripped) distributing to go up in many physics disk, OK and collateral read / write, offer the rapiddest rate, but without redundant ability. Requirement at least two disk. We can acquire the capacity of older single disk through RAID 0, and pass pair of many disk while read take obtain taller access speed. What RAID 0 considers above all is the speed of disk and capacity, oversight safe, as long as among them a disk lived problem, the data of so whole array can be not protected.

RAID 1, call a mirror means again, namely of data redundant. In whole mirror process, only the disk capacity of the half is effective (disk capacity uses other in part to deposit the data) that is the same as this half just the same. Compare with RAID 0 photograph, RAID 1 head
What consider first is security, capacity halve, rate is fixed. To achieve already high speed safe, appeared RAID 10(perhaps calls RAID 0 1) , the RAID 0 array that can understand RAID 10 simply to be comprised by many disk has a mirror again.

RAID 3 and RAID 5 are desired result means. The working way of RAID 3 is to use a disk to deposit desired result data. Because the change of any data wants to amend information of relevant data desired result, the disk that deposits data has several and collateral job, and the disk that deposits desired result data has only, this brought the bottleneck when desired result data is deposited. The working way of RAID 5 is the data desired result that makes each disk is cut agglomerate, go in each disk that deposit compositive array respectively, alleviated so the bottleneck problem that when desired result data is deposited, produces, but break up data and control to deposit the price that should pay speed to go up. The working way of correspondence of photograph of RAID 30, RAID 50 can understand like RAID 10 in that way.
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